Mom’s video of principal paddling kindergarten student sparks social media uproar

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JASPER COUNTY, Georgia - Video of a kindergarten student being paddled by his principal at a Georgia school is causing an uproar on social media.

Shana Perez told WSB-TV that she took video of her son struggling and screaming as administrators tried to paddle him at school Wednesday morning.

“I know it was horrible at the time.  When I went back and actually watched the video, I was in tears,” Perez said. “He was crying. Holding his hands over his butt, trying to get away. Wanting his mommy."

Perez said her son was being punished for spitting at a fellow student.

“He's five. He's not the best child. He's probably worse than some other people's children. It's not the way we're raising him. We haven't raised him to be bad,” Perez said.

Perez said she allowed the principal to paddle her son because she felt like she didn't have any other choice.

She claims if she had not allowed the paddling, her son would have been suspended, and she could have faced jail time for truancy.

"There's no way I can express how sad or how I felt about watching him be treated like that. I didn't realize at that moment how they basically abused him,” she said.

Perez told WSB-TV that she has already been arrested once this year after her 5-year-old son missed 18 days of school.

She says he missed the days because he was being tested for cancer.

However the local sheriff's office could not confirm Perez's claims.

Perez said her son's principal led her to believe she would go to jail again if she didn't agree to the paddle.

“If he gets suspended, I'm going to be arrested for truancy. If he misses another day, I'll be arrested. She never denied that. She never told me anything otherwise,” she said.

However, the local sheriff's office insists that is not true.

“There was no coercion on their part. We confirmed the school did not tell her that,” Sheriff Donnie Pope said.

Pope says the principal did not break any laws.

"To be honest, if I could go back, I would grab him up and say, ‘No. You can't paddle him. Just go ahead and take me to jail,’” Perez said.

The mother says she plans on meeting with school administrators on Friday.

While some have taken to Facebook to say they on the mother's side, other's believe the Perez has taken the issue too far.



      If your son was spitting on other students here in Utah he wouldn’t be given the option. He’d be GONE!!

      By the way RIC, your bravado on the internet speaks of your immaturity. The only throat you might cut would be your own.

      • dorothy smith

        Hes five yrs old, good way to make him not want to go to school, what is wrong woth you people, no he should not have spit , paddeling went out along time ago. get him a counselor so he understands what he did was wrong,

  • David

    The boy needs discplined better by his mother from what I see here. It also appears that the mother has problems telling the truth, or the Police are trying to cover for the school principal. Sounds like the principal is also a liar and manipulator. Lots of issues need cleared up here.


      I never believe everything I read in a news story. The whole truth can’t be found in this article. I once saw a man killed in a trench cave in and when I read the news story about it I wondered if they were talking about the same event.

  • Nunya

    What kind of mother not only allows this but captures it on video. Three sick women in that room and a poor child who didn’t deserve this at all.
    What happened to loosing recess or sitting in the corner?

    This boy is going to have women issues as well as loosing all hope that his mother is there to protect him, for the rest of his life.

    • Eric

      Of course he deserved it! Just loosing recess and not paddling kids now days is the reason society is so messed up. Today they think if you grab someones arm its battery. When kids act out they need to be punished more than just a timeout.

  • Ric

    ERIC listen to the audio! Please listen. I am sorry but if the mother and or child need mental help PLEASE help not by hitting a 5 year old baby! As far as I am concerned the adults in the room should have been paddled.
    Let the beatings continue until moral gets better? I dont think so!

  • Ric

    Eric I believe we are cut from the same cloth. Our children are the only thing that will live beyond our grave and should be held precious in our hearts! I have lost all my family I am the last one save my son and grandaughter and I still say I would not tolerate harm to the only loved ones I have left so hence my temper but I cannot tolerate babys getting beat for any reason> Good evening my friend.

  • Ric

    No billy bob I dont have a record. Please read my post and understand family must be loved not beaten by INEPT IDIOTS..Never is it ok to strike another persons child EVER EVER EVER. I am sure it would be a lot different if I was hitting your kid right? Tell me I am wrong like I said listen to the audio and tell me you cant hear the terror in this babys voice

  • Tessie L Shields Seneca

    ARE YOU F@#$%ing KIDDING ME YOU FILMED THEM DOING THIS AND YOU ALL THINK THIS IS OKAY, tHIS CHILD SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE SCHOOL AND THE PARENT, He is in danger to be associated with any of these idiots! Holy God! I would never have believed this!

  • west Martin

    There was nothing hidden in this case since his mom was there she everything and there is no excuse since she know her son behavior and this criminal kid at five what do you thing at 10? First he will be out of school second he will be dangerous to public.

  • Spencer Reid

    While it maybe legal Georgia, if any teacher tried to do that to my child I think they would be the one getting a Whoopin, I believe it should be up to the Parent to do the spanking. I grew up with a Grandma who was one of those old school teachers, who taught school in the early 30’s and 40’s and in to the 1950’s and she would have been appalled by the schools behavior


      There wouldn’t be any spankings by teachers in Utah. Those days are long since over in this state.

  • Ashlee

    Never, I would never let anyone hit my kid. You hit my kid, expect me to hit you and a lot harder. Yes he should have been punished as in head on desk in corner, not hit. Outrageous, I am disgusted. Shame on you ladies. You are not his parents and do not hold the right to spank him. I hope you look back at this video and feel ashamed of yourself.

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