Woman suffers serious injuries after alleged attack by man wielding hammer

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A man is in the Salt Lake County Jail after police received a call about a female who’d allegedly been hit with a hammer on Thursday.

Officers arrested Earon Lisenbee Friday morning for aggravated assault. Police said they found him on top of the victim, who had been badly beaten.

"She had severe, critical injuries,” said Salt Lake City Police Det. Dennis McGowan. “To her mouth, her head, that type of thing.”

When officers arrived at the home at 555 South and 900 East, they met Lisenbee’s mother, who received a call from her son.

She told Lisenbee that officers were outside the house and that he should come out and talk to the police, but Mr. Lisenbee hung up the phone.

After that, police entered the home and used force to arrest Lisenbee.

“He was non compliant, resistive, combative,” McGowan said. “So he was Tazed."

The victim was transported to hospital in critical condition.

According to a probable cause statement, when police searched the house they found broken glass and approximately five teeth in the bedroom that they believe belong to the female victim.

Lisenbee told police that before blacking out, the victim had no injuries, and after he came to he found that the woman was severely injured.

Lisenbee also admitted to police that he was with the victim when she got her injuries.

Neighbors told FOX 13 Lisenbee had lived in the home for just a few months, and they’d occasionally heard yelling from inside. They believe he may have had a drug problem, which could explain his blacking out.

“This is scary,” said one neighbor. “I hope he stays in prison and justice is served.”

McGowan said police are still investigating to see if drugs or alcohol are factors in the assault.



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