13-month-old in critical condition after nearly drowning inside cooler in Riverton

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RIVERTON, Utah -- A 13-month-old child is in critical condition after he fell head-first into a cooler and was submerged in up to 6-inches of water for several minutes in Riverton Wednesday morning.

Ken Hansen of the Unified Police Department said police and fire personnel responded to a home in the area of 13600 South 2200 West in Riverton around 10 a.m.

Hansen said the child had reportedly fallen head-first into a cooler that had water inside of it and started drowning.

"He fell into that and was submerged in the water for four or five minutes," Hansen said.

Even with a small amount of water in the cooler, police said the child struggled to get out.

"This is just six inches of water, in a square cooler that made it more difficult for the child to try and get out," Hansen said.

Family members pulled the child from the cooler after discovering what happened, and they provided CPR. The child was stabilized and flown to Primary Children's Hospital.

The child was listed as being in critical condition, Hansen said.

SafeKids.org notes that babies can drown in as little as one inch of water, and they encourage parents to empty all tubs, buckets, wading pools and other containers immediately after use. They also recommend storing such containers upside down and out of children's reach.

Click here for more tips on water safety from SafeKids.org. 

Police originally provided a different address and said the incident was in Herriman, but later they corrected that information and gave the location as a residence in Riverton.


    • bob

      You can try, but it still comes down to luck. Toddlers are absolute geniuses at finding ways to get hurt, and they only get better at it with practice.

      • minigirl

        That’s a horrible thing for y’all to say. Babies are curious fast little things. Accidents happen everyday! So do miracles like this one. God can judge not u. Very rude inconsiderate people. I’ll pray for your hearts to be softened. Prayers for the family.

  • mormon lover

    That poor baby. Parents need to watch their kids. Not some of the time, all of the time. If you don’t want the responsibility, stop procreating. I’m not a “childless busybody” – I’m the mom of two, both of whom made it through their childhoods without being run over, cooked in a car or drowning themselves due to my negligence. If your 14 year old gets hurt, it’s probably their own fault, but if your 14 MONTH old gets hurt, the fault lies on the shoulders of the parents. You know, they are even suggesting now that parents store their cell phones in the back seat of their cars so they don’t forget to take their infants out on hot days? That nonsense is the problems.

    • Stewart McDonald

      Always nice to hear from the perfect parent. In other comments you’ve presented yourself as a male who is a pedophile. Which Mormon Lover are you, or are there more than one of you? Hummmm?

      • mormon lover

        You thk it tkes a “perfect parent” to ensure your toddlers don’t die on your watch? No wonder so many little mormon kids don’t make it to their baptisms.

      • Stewart McDonald

        Mormon Lover’s response to a earlier story was, and I quote: “Who are they to judge my pedophilia?”

        Why your angst and hatred for the Mormons and their kids Mormon Lover?


        Hey Mormon Lover, why no condemnation for the mother who was doing drugs while 4 of her friends were raping her 9-year old daughter? You appear to have selective hate Mormon Lover.
        Stew asks a valid question: Are you the perfect mother or just a plain garden variety pedophile?


      You can be anything you want on the interent and if MORMON LOVER wants to be “the mom of two” more power to her/him.

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