How to break up with a friend

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Therapist Kathy Parker shared some guidelines for breaking up with a friend. Similar to romantic relationships, breaking up with friends can be an extremely difficult task, Kathy answers a few questions on how to go about it gracefully.

1. Why would you ever want to break up with a friend?

  • We think about breaking up with significant others, the same is true for friends.
  • Breaking up shouldn't be the first option.

2. What are some reasons for breaking up with a friend?

  •  If you struggle to be your authentic self with your friend.
  • If your friendship is one sided.
  • If you and your friend are regularly in a state of conflict.

3. How do you actually break up with a friend?

  • Be assertive and thoughtful.
  • Choose a graceful exit.
  •  Walk away from the friendship with gratitude.

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  • Wannabob

    So let me see if I understand the process correctly.
    Steps to break up with a friend:
    1-Break up with the friend.

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