14-year-old blinded after e-cigarette explodes at mall kiosk

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BROOKLYN, N.Y.— A 14-year-old is learning an unfortunate and painful lesson about the dangers of vaping.

"I can't see anything because I got a cut through my cornea," said Leor Domatov, 14.

The teenager is completely blind in his left eye after using an electronic cigarette. He faces possibly permanent damage to his hands.

Domatov was testing out one of the devices at the Plaza Vapes kiosk in Brooklyn's Kings Plaza Mall.

"The guy was showing me different products of the vaporizers, said Domatov. "While he was showing me, he connected one of the vaporizers to the battery of the store. He gave it to me to hold and when I was holding it, it exploded in my hands and my face."

State and local laws say it's illegal to sell these products to minors. Leor is only 14.

An employee at Plaza Vapes told PIX11 it was only her second day on the job.

Leor’s father has since hired attorney Marc Freund to take on the case.

"Leor was being marketed at the entrance of the Kings Plaza Mall," said Freund, a partner at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus and Moverman. "A mall that caters to children, and they're marketing these products, causing all these injuries."

Freund said the kiosk uses cards promotes the company’s Instagram account, and vaping products that bear a striking resemblance to popular breakfast cereals.

“The duty falls to Kings Plaza and the kiosk owner to make sure there's signs in place to warn the children," said Freund. "There was not even a single sign advising of the city and state law until after this incident takes place."

Kings Plaza management did not return calls for comment.


      • nullkid

        *You’re. You freaking moron.

        Everyone involved, even Katie, are idiots. Why is a 14 year old kid trying to buy nicotine products and why is the idiot there not I.d.ing people before letting them consume said products.

  • Steve

    Definitely sounds like everyone involved was an idiot, lithium batteries exploding is nothing new, especially when stupid is involved.

  • K&J Twisted Metals

    I am a constant vapor to the point of batteries exploding in aide of mods … the question is was the battery placed In wrong how much could it handle to ohms was the box related or not . But the main is how can she was never checked for I.D an why was she hired without educated knowledge to the products being sold


    Too bad a 14-year old kid didn’t have anything better to do than waste money on vaping. Most of us learn from the mistakes of others. Unfortunately some of us have to be the others.

  • FinnyWiggen

    This is why it is too risky to go into business anymore.

    You never know what stupid thing an employee will do. You are almost guaranteed that some accident that 30 years ago would have been universally seen as an accident, will bankrupt you, as people who don’t care about your bottom line or family, come in and take you for every cent you have.

    Yes, the employee was out of line. But it is the owner who will lose everything they have. This boy will go through life with a few scars. Perhaps even be blind in one eye. Which stinks. But that is the consequences of his own actions.

    The employee, who acted inappropriately, will likely face nothing more than the loss of a job.

    The owner however, who worked hard for years, who saved, took risks, and put everything on the line, will sadly have that “everything on the line” check cashed.

    They will lose everything they have, and no one will feel a drop of sympathy for them. The owner is the victim of the stupid actions of both the employee and this boy.

    Yet this boy will go through life convinced that he is an entitled victim.

    • laytonian

      A serious business has liability insurance to protect them against lawsuits.
      YOU would sue if you were a victim of someone else’s negligence and you faced bills not covered by insurance.

      • FinnyWiggen

        Your comment on insurance isn’t worth responding to… I am tempted to say “duh…” but… I will let it go.

        Regarding me suing, just because you behave unethically, doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

      • FinnyWiggen

        I an absolutely guarantee you that if I made a stupid illegal choice, and it cost me pain, I would not sue someone else.

  • get real

    what do popular breakfast cereals have anything to do with this? im an adult and i eat popular breakfast cereals!

  • Stewart McDonald

    State and local laws say it’s illegal to sell these products to minors but they don’t say it’s illegal for a child to hold one. The child should sue his father for his failure to teach Leor not to suck vapor.

  • Dana Burnidge

    The only reason this should be news is the alleged fact that a Vapor Vendor is sampling product to a minor. A reputable vendor (with sufficient knowledge of their products to prevent this,) would not be caught dead in the act of sampling product to a minor.
    Vaping is an adult activity, end of story.

  • mike

    Serves the kid right, he had no business being there. Just goes to show you some shops are just in it for the money every person that vapes who reads this will say the same thing they either had a tank on a hybrid mod or they sell fake batteries like efest or ultra fire

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