Utah LDS missionary hit, killed by car in Taiwan

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TAIWAN - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has confirmed a missionary was hit by a car and killed in Taiwan.

Elder David Hampton, 18, was riding his bike when a car hit him.

Elder David Hampton, family and friends via Facebook

Elder David Hampton, family and friends via Facebook

He was from North Ogden, Utah.

Elder Hampton's family sent Fox 13 this statement:

We heard early this morning that our son David, who was serving as a missionary in the Taiwan Taichung mission, had been had been hit by a car while he was riding his bike. He did not survive the accident and we are truly saddened by the event – as can be imagined we are still processing the news.  However, we are thankful he was serving the Lord as a missionary.  In each of his letters he expressed his pleasure to be on a mission.  It was hard work but it was a blessing for him and for us. And we know it will continue to be a blessing for us. He ended every letter with the phrase he was living by - “It is not about you”, and indeed it is not. Our faith is strong that he has been taken home to that God who gave him life. We have a daughter who is still serving as a missionary in the Tahiti mission. We have spoken with her and she has also expressed her gratitude and testimony that David was serving the Lord. At this point we have not decided what she will do.
We are thankful for our family who is with us and appreciate and are strengthened by their love and prayers, and the love and prayers expressed by so many others.
At this point, we do not have any other information about the funeral or when he will be brought home.

- Steve and Cyndi Hampton

Church spokesman Eric Hawkins sent Fox 13 this statement:

Our hearts are saddened as we share the news of the death of one of our young missionaries. Elder David Smith Hampton, age 18, of North Ogden, Utah died Tuesday, April 12th from injuries he received when he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle in the Taiwan Taichung Mission. Elder Hampton  is from the North Ogden Utah Coldwater Stake, and began his missionary service in December of 2015. Our prayers are with his family and loved ones as we join with them in mourning his death.


  • Sis. Heaven Jones

    David has Sojourn that mission for a further Heavenly destination. I declare the Love of Jesus Christ and a peace that surpasses all understanding upon his family. Let all Latter-day Saints arise triumphantly and DO THE WORK , FULFILL HEAVENLY FATHER’S ORDINANCES. David shall continue Dilligently to Teach and be Taught Saints , the Kingdom of Heaven is nigh. WHO’S ON THE LORD’S SIDE WHO?

    In the Blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , AMEN

  • Chris

    Very saddened to see this news. I lived in Taiwan and rode a scooter everyday in a fairly large city and it’s dangerous as traffic laws for all intents and purposes don’t exist. I used to see a lot of the LDS kids ride their bikes through my city and I would always stop and chat with them when I could despite not being LDS always nice to see a smiling face. They were always respectful and courteous and I have no doubt that this young man was not any different. My thoughts to the family of this young man.

    • Jack Duggan

      This butchery disgusts me. So sorry to hear of this tragedy and my heart goes out to the young man’s family. As long as the LDS church continues to put their servants in jeopardy and send them to the slaughter, this will be a common occurrence. The church normally houses missionaries in the cheapest possible accommodations and most of them do not have cars; they are required to ride bicycles through busy streets and dangerous neighborhoods. When one of them is killed the church’s response is, “hallelujah, they’re in heaven now!” Obviously the LDS church has zero regard for the people who serve. Their young men and women are viewed as expendable fodder. If they’re not murdered by local thugs they’re killed on their bikes… and the leading cause of death for LDS missionaries is asphyxiation from faulty heating apparatus, which is not uncommon in the poor neighborhoods where may of these young people serve. Likely the reason church leadership doesn’t value the lives of missionaries is they have not yet become tithe-payers. Sure, they might have paid tithes on income from summer construction jobs or working on a ranch, but their real value comes when they grow up to work in better paying jobs, paying ten percent of their adult income to help enrich the church. Too bad those in leadership positions (Thomas Monson, Uchtdorf, etc.) dont’ spend that money on keeping their missionaries safe instead of building McTemples. Their blood is on your hands Tom. Your negligence is sickening.

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