Social media helps veteran visiting Utah reunite with missing service dog

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SALT LAKE CITY – A veteran is thanking the people of Salt Lake City Sunday night for reuniting him with his service dog.

Joshua Aikens lives in Colorado but was visiting Utah for a Bees game when his dog, Buell, slipped from her collar and ran away.

Aikens, who served as a Marine, told his sister back in Virginia what happened, and she launched a social media campaign to find the dog.

Sunday, Buell was found on a trail near Red Butte Gardens.

“When I lost her I lost everything, and the people of this city gave me everything back, and I just can’t express how thankful I am for that,” Aikens said. “I will always be in debt to this city and what they gave back to me."

Aikens adopted Buell a year ago and got her registered as a service animal. He said she truly is his best friend.


  • carmapoodale

    This dog has to be a pet.. You just don’t “Register” a dog to be a service dog. Service dogs are trained to help the disabled. The keyword is TRAINED, extensively trained. They don’t miraculously become service dogs because you sent money to a company.

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