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Family of missionary injured in Brussels attacks says his progress is slower than expected

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File: Elder Richard Norby.

The family of Elder Richard Norby, a Utah missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is giving us an update on his condition.

They said he is still in the ICU at a Belgium hospital as he recovers from infection and his injuries.

His family said the missionary’s progress is slower than they had expected.

Elder Richard Norby (66) of Lehi, Utah. © 2016 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Elder Richard Norby (66) of Lehi, Utah. © 2016 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

“Elder Norby remains in a Belgium hospital’s ICU. He continues to deal with the serious effects of infection and injury from shrapnel and the progress is slower than we had anticipated. We are very grateful for the thoughts and prayers that continue to come on his behalf. We are looking forward to having him back in the United States for continued care and recovery as soon as possible.”

Two of the other missionaries injured, Mason Wells and Joseph “Dres” Empey, have already returned to Utah.

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  • mormon lover

    Victim of terrorist attack AND a super-slow recovery? Elohim must really hate this guy. Like, really REALLY not like him. Didn’t even give him the courtesy of death and a wondrous afterlife. Just a bunch of pain and suffering. Who did he subjugate? Molest? Persecute? He’s a mormon, member of a patriarchal, misogynistic, racists and theocracy-building religion, so I’m sure the list is long. The mormons really seem to be making god mad lately. No mormon president. A lesbian mayor in Salt Lake. Missionaries getting terrorist attacked. Now they’re not healing. The FLDS strongholds getting raided by the feds after their Utah mormon protectors ignore their crimes. Now this. It’s all coming together now.

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  • Ignore the hater or get a good laugh

    Spread the hate, you go girl. Soon we will be reading about you goin to jail.

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