Woman secretly records doctors making fun of her during surgery

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HOUSTON -- A woman says she recorded doctors making fun of her body during surgery.

Ethel Easter said she hid a tape recorder in her hair extensions while undergoing a hernia operation. The audio tape was obtained by KRIV.

“This is my natural hair I had a weave at the time which is braid extensions and when I put my hair up I put the recorder right in my hair,” said Easter.

Easter says doctors made fun of her size and made a reference to Bill Cosby while touching her body.

According to the report, Easter came up with the plan after having a tense encounter with a doctor who told her she would have to wait two months to have her surgery. She says the entire experience has given her "self-esteem issues" and she is considering filing a lawsuit.

A spokesman for Harris Health System declined comment citing patient confidentiality laws.



      This twit hides a recorder in her hair, listens to it later and developes “self-esteem issues”? Sounds like she’s fat, and already has “self-esteem issues” whatever that means.
      If she sues the jury will laugh her case to death.

    • Eric

      Its people like you and the sue happy public that raise the cost of insurance premiums and the fact that the general public can no longer afford health care. If we didn’t have so many unnecessary lawsuits then maybe we all couldn’t have decent health insurance.

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  • clai

    Girl get these punks how dare them and to the one who left nasty comment you’ll end up gettinb yours you Have no heart

    • C'MON CLAI

      Take a chill pill CLAI. If you don’t want to hear what someone says about you then don’t sneak a listening device into your hair. Obviously Ethel Easter is fat and CLAI is unable to form and intellegent sentence.


      First they are doctors and not pukes, second wis a woman and not a girl, and third she can sue all she wants but a jury won’t award her one red cent.

  • Helga

    I have a secret for everyone… we do make comments about our patients. We do discuss who is a handful, high maintenance etc. Our breakrooms, conference arears and the OR are asacred spaces. We need to vent about those we serve. Talk is talk, your surgery was successful. Deal with your personality and your entitlement issues. Any kind of retaliation against these docs would be wrong. By that logic we should record pilots, mechanics, wait staff, sales clerks etc. If every health care provider faced retaliation for every word there would be no surgeons, docs,nurses techs. She should be happy that she got her surgery sonner than later.

    • Jen

      I would hope that during a surgical procedure you would act professional and after in the break room if if makes you feel better to make fun of people for whatever reason so be it

      • BOB

        Jen represents the attitude of your typical liberal thought police. The FAA requires pilots to refrain from non-essential activities during critical phases of flight. Doctors probable cut the chitchat when performing critical operations. Give it a rest Jen.

  • bob

    How can you be harmed by something that someone says while you’re unconscious?

    If I’m on the jury she’s going to be disappointed.

    • bob

      People say way worse things me all the time. There is not enough twine in the world to plumb the depths of how little I care.

  • Nina

    Sounds like she had reason to believe they had unreasonably negative feelings toward her. Do people normally feel moved to hide a recorder on their person prior to surgery? If she were to have woken up, as I have, in the middle of procedures, there would be a case. How she heard it doesn’t matter. There’s no expectation of privacy for your conversations at work. You’re at work. That isn’t how you’re supposed to talk on the job.

  • Pretty Paper

    Doctors that decide to jokingly say offensive comments during surgery and the patient records; Unfortunately will have to pay for their work indiscretion. Unfortunately, he will no longer be allowed to practice at this hospital after a stupid irresponsible conversation mocking his patient. This will not go to a jury, they will have to settle or risk millilons. Should highly skilled professionals be allowed to behave in this matter?

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