Officer on first day on the job with Layton PD applies tourniquet to motorcyclist injured in crash

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LAYTON, Utah — An officer on his first day on the job with Layton Police Department applied a tourniquet to a motorcyclist who was injured in a crash Thursday afternoon.

Sgt. Clint Bobrowski, Layton PD, said they responded to a crash on Antelope Drive near Main Street in Layton Thursday afternoon. FOX 13 News first heard report of the crash just after 4 p.m.

As a light turned from yellow to red, Bobrowski said a motorcyclist moved to an outside lane and attempted to accelerate through the intersection. Two vehicles in the turn lane traveling the opposite direction struck the motorcycle as they attempted to follow through with left turns on that yellow light.

The motorcyclist suffered a compound fracture on his leg and was losing a lot of blood, so Layton officers who responded applied a tourniquet prior to the ambulance arriving. The motorcyclist was taken to University of Utah Hospital in serious condition.

Bobrowski said the officer who applied the tourniquet had recently been hired and was on his first day riding along with Layton PD. While new to Layton PD, the officer is not a rookie.

The driver of one of the cars that hit the motorcycle suffered some neck pains. There were no further reports of injury.


  • anotherbob

    Probably a newbie rider out trying to enjoy the weather on their newly acquired motorcycle. You never quickly switch lanes and accelerate without knowing what’s ahead of you.

    • Midge

      Actually he isn’t newbie rider, he’s a seasoned rider who made a mistake . He’s a very sweet and caring man who is fighting for his life.

      • TRUTH

        No Midge, this isn’t the kind of “mistake” a seasoned rider makes. Seasoned riders watch the reckless behavior of foolish riders and wonder how long it will be before they get themselves killed.

      • Dustin Greer

        I saw this up close yesterday and his leg and oh man it was bad. Me and my wife said a prayer for him. He had none of the right gear on to even ride a bike though you can’t ride in shorts and a tee shirt . I feel horrible that I had to see that and just heard he didn’t make it. Prayers to his family

      • Midge

        I’m sure you’ve never made a mistake from the way it sounds. My friend has passed away. Maybe next time you feel like condemning someone on one of these forums, you’ll remember these people have family and friends who’s hearts are breaking from these tragedies.

      • TRUTH

        Cutting around a car that has stopped for a traffic light just isn’t something anybody would dream of doing unless they had a death wish. Some of us learn from the mistakes of others. Looks like this motorcyclist was one of the others.

        My sympathies are with the motorist that he smashed into.

      • BOB

        Your friend was a careless inconsiderate rider who caused an accident that hurt the driver of one of the cars involved in the accident. Truth nailed it with his/her comment. Nobody, and I mean nobody, cuts around a car that has stopped for a red light and goes screaming into an intersection. Look how much damage he caused to the car he hit.


    There are some young motorcyclists that think it is smart to cut in and out of traffic, run traffic lights, and ignore speed limit signs. There are not however any older motorcyclists that are reckless riders. They have been smart enough to learn from the sad experience of those who do.

  • Kate Tip

    My uncle was the motorcyclist and he did suffer more injury because of this accident he is now dead.


      It is unfortunate that your uncle decided to do the unbelievable and run the red light. When he came squirting by the car in his lane that had stopped the poor driver making a left hand turn had no way of avoiding the accident.

      Too bad he didn’t think of his family and drive responsibly.

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