BYU professor says majority of rape kits collected in seven Utah counties went unprocessed

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PROVO, Utah — A new report released Thursday is causing concern over how sexual assault cases are handled in Utah.

Julie Valentine, a professor of nursing at Brigham Young University, was behind the study, which looked at 1,874 sexual assault kits in seven Utah counties collected over three years.

Valentine said the study indicated that only about 22 percent of those kits were submitted to the state crime lab within a year of the assault, and, across the state, 62 percent were never submitted to the state crime lab at all.

“To have these higher rates of rape than the national average for 25 years, I think as a whole state we need to band together and say, “We have to address this. We have to talk about it, and we have to make the improvements,’” Valentine said.

Valentine said she also believes Utah needs a state law that mandates that all rape kits be submitted to the state crime lab for processing.


  • bob

    Meaningless “study.” It apparently didn’t ask WHY they weren’t submitted. There could be any number of reasons, including guilty pleas, recanted accusations, proof through other means so that they saved the taxpayers money by not testing……I can think of many.

    So unless they address the “why” then it’s ridiculous to run to the legislature and demand yet another law to throw on the pile.


    Women who get concealed carry permits and pack a Lady Smith .357 don’t have to worry about getting raped.

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