Bountiful man accused of conning elderly woman out of $125K

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SALT LAKE COUNTY — A Bountiful man is accused of conning an elderly woman out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Leslie Jay Price is seen in a 2001 mug shot.

Leslie Jay Price is seen in a 2001 mug shot.

The alleged victim, an 81-year-old business owner, told police she met Leslie Jay Price through a regular customer at her Midvale consignment store. According to a probable cause statement, Price began visiting the store, offering to provide security and manual labor.

According to a probable cause statement, Price made several claims to the woman, including that he was going to lose his house, he was dying of Hepatitis C, he was a sheriff’s officer on medical leave, he was part of secret military group and he had security clearance higher than the president.

Price is accused of asking the woman for money and purchases, stating that he could pay her back. The alleged victim stated Price talked her into buying a GMC Denali for him to help him expand his business, with the understanding that Price would make payments on the loan and pay for insurance.

The woman said she repossessed the Denali after Price didn’t make the payments on time, which damaged her credit. A gun she acquired for Price was also repossessed, the statement said.

Price is also accused of taking thousands of dollars from the woman in several instances between February and July 2015. Price allegedly told the woman he needed financial help because his home was burglarized and he was at risk of losing the house. The woman told police Price had conned her out of approximately $125,000.

The alleged victim also stated Price has stalked her. In one alleged instance, Price called her at her place of business, but she didn’t want to talk with him and disconnected the call. She said Price then sent her a text message that said he had been outside the store for an hour and a half and did not see any customers come or go.

Price faces a second-degree felony charge of exploitation of a vulnerable adult.


  • Eric Anderson

    Kinda sounds like she deserved to get scammed, she sounds like a liberal. If old people are too dumb to not just give people money then meh.

  • Spencer Reid

    Would you be saying that if it was your mother? I think not you would be screaming from blood

  • Ethan ty

    The thing about this whole case is that girl completely has been lying. She has been conning people out of money her whole life and this is another chapter of it. This man is my grandfather and I know exactly what really happened. It’s crazy that they will listen to someone who is just a tad older than he is rather than listening to the truth. The government is corrupt.

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