Boy Scout oversees project to build 7 new Osprey nesting platforms along Utah Lake

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UTAH LAKE – Now that the weather is warming up, Ospreys will begin building their nests along Utah Lake.

This season, a Boy Scout is teaming up with the following agencies to build and install nesting platforms: The Division of Wildlife Resources, Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation commission, South Utah Valley Electric Service District, Central Utah Project.

The fish-eating birds are selective about where they nest.

“We have lots of food, lots of water and lots of open space, but we don’t have the types of trees that Ospreys like to use for nesting habitat,” said David Lee with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Ospreys tend to flock to dangerous territory.

“We had a pair of Ospreys that showed up last year and they tried to nest on a live power pole, which creates a number of hazards for the birds and the electrical system,” Lee said.

On Tuesday, workers with South Valley Electric Service installed seven new nesting platforms along Utah Lake.

They’re helping Justin Lee who is overseeing the project to earn an Eagle Scout Award.

“I got all the materials from SESD and then my troop put them all together. It’s pretty fun being out here with my troop,” Justin said.

The Division of Wildlife Resources is confident Ospreys will like their new habitat.

“With research over the years we’ve been able to figure out some good designs for Osprey platforms and install them a number of places,” Lee said.

Some of the platforms will be placed on land managed by DWR. Others will find a spot in Lance Robison’s backyard.

“My favorite part will be my wife’s favorite part if they nest here and have young so we can watch that. That will be fun for the grandkids,” Robison said.

Justin will keep tabs on the Ospreys new digs. He’ll monitor which platforms are being used and improve the ones that aren’t as popular.

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