Duke University professor addresses Islamphobia at Salt Lake Community College

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah -- Omid Safi has taken his lectures about Islamophobia around the country, but the professor from Duke University has probably never had quite so effective an opening act.

Safi spoke at Salt Lake Community College students and faculty on Monday, the day after the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints devoted a prime speaking slot at its general conference to the subject of helping Middle Eastern and North African refugees.

"Personally, I'm not particularly concerned with how religious people present themselves," Safi said. "My question is always, ‘what kind of religiosity.’"

Safi spoke to a group of about 100 students and staff at the college, relating his faith and work to Christians and Jews who fight for civil rights in the U.S.

On Sunday, the LDS General Authority who administers the church's activity in Europe, Patrick Kearon, spoke about the need for compassion for migrants fleeing war-torn Syria and other regions of the Middle East and North Africa.

"We see many of them coming with only the clothes they're wearing and what they can carry in one small bag. A large proportion of them are well educated and all have left behind homes, schools and jobs," Kearon said.


  • bob

    Why don’t you spend your energy confronting the phobia that Islam has for “unbelievers”? Eh? Why focus on “educating” the victims?

    • GerryAShelton

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    • analogismos

      Anyone that speaks out against Xenophobic bigots like yourself IS confronting one of the main causes of Xenophobia in bigots of any other “persuations”.

  • Michelle Welchman

    Compassion and the need to feel welcoming to migrants and refugees is one thing, letting them into the US by the hundreds of thousands and not properly being able to screen or vet them and not knowing which ones are dangerous or terrorists, or IS followers, etc is altogether another thing. The USA is not the EU and the next president are not going to take so much as a one percent chance to let any of them in. Its by far too risky. Those morons who present the argument, ‘its just the actions of a few’, is and are very lame, stupid and naiive and very uninformed. That’s all it takes is the actions of a few to cause a terror attack or horrible damage on our turf. We are not going to allow our great nation to be destroyed like the EU has done. No! It was the actions of a few who caused 9/11. It was the actions of a few who caused the recent attacks in Paris as well as every other attack in Francr such as Charlie Hebdo a couple years ago. It was the actions of a few who caused the bombing of the airport in Belgium. It was the actions of a couple who caused the tradgic shooting in San Bernardino. There so many other countless terror and terror related attacks where each one have claimed lives and maimed people and where carried by a couple or a few. That’s all it takes. We are not dealing with the same immigrants that were immigrating sixt to hundred or more years ago. The playing field, sadly has greatly changed. We must accept that. When Chancellor Merkell, who is now fairly unpopular now, and German citizens extremely upset at her decisions, decided to allow those Muslims to enter her country, she did not stop to consider one time how much danger or in harms way she was putting her country’s people into…that also included the German Jewish citizens. Not just in Germany but in France, Sweden and the UK and other EU nations, anti semitism rate and anti semitic violence sky rocketed. The incidents of sexual assault, battery, physical attacks, crime rate all went up dramatically. Do you want your daughters who may be innocently walking down a street and your wives to be raped and attacked by these so called refugees? That’s what they have been doing in Europe. At New Years there was a mass raping of women in Cologne..a hundred women and nearly a thousand North African Muslims. The media,seems to not want to single them out as such. Suffice it to say, it has to be mentioned. Again, it bares repeating, we are not nor will we America be the EU. One more time: We are not the EU. America will not purposely for the sake if any migrants, refugees or others, put its citizens in direct harms way. Our presidency has a sheer obligation to protect its citizens. That’s one major reason this upcoming election is so hugely important…

  • brdprey

    they say actions are louder then words.
    yet the world see’s no action by the islam community in helping to cure the fanatics that have hijacked their religion.

    • bob

      They haven’t hijacked anything. They’re doing exactly what Islam has been doing for 1300 years. And exactly what their book demands that they do.

      There is no such thing as a “peaceful Muslim”. There are peaceful HERETICS who do not practice real Islam.

      • analogismos

        How nice of you Bob to so helpfully impose your arbitrary understanding of what Islam is on those who actually practice it. Thank Allah they have you to tell them what they believe so they don’t have to work it out themselves.

    • analogismos

      Really? You are aware that the main victims of murdering Islamic fanatics are OTHER MUSLIMS right? They are (and have been) confronting these issues. The fact that bigots like you are willfully ignorant is why you don’t “see” such things.

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