Four arrested for allegedly raping 9-year-old girl while mom smoked meth

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VERNAL, Utah -- Four men were booked into jail on felony charges after they allegedly raped a 9-year-old girl while her mother was smoking methamphetamine in a garage with a friend.

According to a statement of probable cause filed March 30, the alleged assault occurred Easter Sunday at a home in Vernal.

The 9-year-old victim was with her mother at that home, where the mother was hanging out with a friend she met while incarcerated in jail. As the 9-year-old girl slept on the couch, her mother and that friend agreed to go into the garage and get high on methamphetamine.

When the mother returned, her daughter was on the couch but her clothes were in disarray and she seemed upset and wanted to go home. The next day, the girl reported that four men inside the home had taken her into a bedroom before taking turns raping her and then sodomizing her.

The girl reported that while one of the men was raping her, he told her he would kill her if she ever told anyone about what was happening.

The girl's mother notified police, who responded to the home. One of the four alleged rapists was identified by the victim from a photograph, and 36-year-old Larson James RonDeau was taken into custody.

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RonDeau told police that the other three men had traveled to Montana for personal business along with the woman who the girl's mother had been there to visit, Glynda RonDeau. He told police he wasn't sure when they would return to Utah.

According to a press release from the Uintah County Sheriff's Office issued Sunday, the other three men accused of the rape were arrested March 31 and April 1. Those men are 20-year-old Josiah RonDeau, 29-year-old Jerry Flatlip, and 26-year-old Randall Flatlip.

Officers executed a search warrant and located evidence relating to the sexual assault, such as bloodstained bedding, as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Larson RonDeau was advised of his Miranda rights and agreed to answer questions without an attorney present, according to the PC statement. The man verified the girl was in the home during the time when the alleged assaults occurred, however he denied any involvement in the incident.

The PC statement indicates he, "did proffer the other three men could have been involved, or responsible, but not him."

Larson RonDeau was booked into the Uintah County Jail on one count of rape of a child and one count of sodomy of a child. Both charges are first-degree felonies.

The other three men have also been booked into jail and face one count each of rape of a child and sodomy of a child as first-degree felonies.

Uintah County Sheriff's Office stated Sunday the 9-year-old victim is being cared for in state custody rather than remaining in the care of her mother at this time.



    Lucky is the little girl who’s mother is a meth head. In this story it was the mother who introduced these monsters into her little girl’s life.

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    Decent mothers protect their children. Some poor defense attorney will now be tasked with dreaming up some defense a jury will buy. Good luck with that.

  • Guy

    I hope all five of them get what’s coming to them in prison (five, because that pos mother belongs in there right with the 4 pos animals she brought into her daughter’s life). That poor little girl. Why does the world have to be such a wicked place sometimes.

  • sandy

    These 4 animals should be immediatly castrated or executed by Utahs firing squads, regardless if they are indians, this despotic and despicable conduct is only done justice by their execution, not even that will help this poor girl life, but it will help

      • L

        You’re probably right. And because Mom is cooperating with police, I can guarantee her only fault is having her with her while she got high. My sister had a live in boyfriend who molested my niece. She was cooperative with authorities and they said unless they had proof of her poor choices, they couldn’t do anything and she would probably get her kids back. So I gave them my Facebook info for them to access and see just how “sorry” she was for losing her kids. They also went back and saw the various boyfriends she had in and out. It was enough for her to lose all custody. My nephew and niece are now safe and well cared for in an adoptive home.

      • bob

        You can “guarantee” that, can you? It doesn’t occur to you that her “cooperation” might involve HER getting a lighter sentence?

        Even if the story is as you’ve conjectured she still needs to be tortured to death on pay-per-view.

  • David

    These niggahz 🔫🔫 Kill’em💯Can’t stand Fool’z Like This…. (Makes me sick) Soon 2Be a Father N these are the sort of things I fear’z Can’t Get Any Lowwer Than That😡😡

  • Daniel Gray

    she wants justice? How about justice for the child she left in these scroats possession while she went to get high on drugs? That child should be taken away from this woman and she should face charges as an accessory after the fact.

  • irishcornaire

    This is the same state where Lexi the choctaw child was relocated to after being taken from her foster parents in San Diego and these 4 men are Native American,the mum of this 9 year old wass mart to call the police but shet oo should have been arrested for child endangerment!

  • priscilla garcia

    omg…… Im in tears and in pain.. my heart had sunk and my body pucked.. prayers to the child for the long painful memory.. may god bless your soul. the mother need to be arrested. the men must get full punishment for such a horrific thing. i am so speechless…..

    • C. A. Schmitt

      They should be given life without possibility of parole – that’s what this little girl has already been sentenced to. Praying for her to get the counseling and care she needs to put this in her past. God bless you, little one!

  • neil

    Yet if they were Catholic priests, like Fr Cudemo who raped 17 little girls, they would be protected by the Catholic church, and Catholic followers would defend him and make excuses for him.

  • Jon

    The mother clearly made a horrible choice but she did report it to the police when she easily could have saved her own hide and stopped it. I hope she can go through a lot of treatment and earn her daughter back.


      You’re kidding …. right? This little girl deserves a real mother and this female will never be capable of filling that role.

  • Yarply Twelve

    they should have really really bad things happen to them till they die. then bury them alive.


    I wonder where the little girls father was ? They should tie the 4 guys down and give the father a knife to castrate them !

  • Tess

    This makes me so sick so mad. My husband & I r 1 of millions of couples that can’t have children. We would give anythg & love 2 have the most precious gift frm God. Then we hear somethg like this,a pos mom more worried about gettn high than protecting her child. What’s wrong with ppl anymore. We completely agree with lettn the dad castrate them, then somebdy needs 2 tattoo CHILD MOLESTERS across there sick ass foreheads. Ppl like this need 2 b branded 4 life & it needs 2 b put where everybdy can c it, c the scums,filth, bastards the waste of air & space ppl like this is. The mom needs 2 b punished also. They need 2 stick that meth pipe up her ass & light her ass up c how she likes that. They need 2 b done the same way they done this lil girl. Eye 4 an eye. And the sad thg about this is ppl like this will get a slap on the wrist 6 months maybe a year, where is the justice n that. The court system is so messed up & crooked anymore. I hope the lil girl gets the help she needs & is put with a family member or a completely different family that will love her, help her & protect her.

  • S

    Current laws do not allow adequate punishment for such a crime. Castration without anesthesia or sedation would begin to, but not completely, let the perpetrators experience some of what they did to the child, and would NOT constitute cruel or unusual punishment for this crime. Until we have the collective balls to make punishment fit the crime and serve as a true deterrent to these horrors, such atrocities will continue. Yes, the mother is negligent, but does deserve credit for calling the police. That took more guts than many addicts can muster.

  • Meloney

    I say hang all 6 of the worthless excuses for human beings, but unfortunately they will serve a little bit of time in prison be a burden on taxpayers then get out and do the same thing all over again


      Four (the rapists) plus one (the bio-mom) only equal five Meloney. There is no reason to believe that the bio-dad even knows he has a daughter.

  • Richard

    The mother is just as guilty and unfit. She should be charged as well. Look what her drug habit just cost her daughter. Pitiful.

  • bob

    You morons who assume they’re “illegals” need to clue in: “Flatlip” is a Native American name. And RonDeau is certainly not Hispanic.

  • JD

    How could someone do this to a child is beyond me. What they have done is unthinkable even for a drug addict/criminal this should never happen. Out of the four men you would think one would be man enough to protect that child. A true example of the evil that exist. 4 people who are beyond help & rehabilitation. Hopefully, while incarcerated, when someone comes to wake them up in the middle of the night they experience 100x the pain they inflicted on that child. Until it is to much & decide to do the world a favor and leave. The mother, if you want to call her that, is equally guilty b/c her child should have never been put in that situation.

  • Jes

    Some of you please keep saying these animals, these are sick humans. Stop trying to say animals do this, humans are the worse, they are the cruel ones.!!

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