Grandmother of 9-year-old Utah girl allegedly raped by four men: ‘I want justice’

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VERNAL, Utah -- A woman is seeking justice after her 9-year-old granddaughter was allegedly raped and sodomized by four men on Easter Sunday in Vernal.

The girl was allegedly raped and threatened by the men while her mom was getting high in a garage while visiting a friend on Easter Sunday. Four suspects have been arrested in the days following the alleged attack.

"I want justice taken care of," said Elizabeth, the girl's grandmother.

In order to protect the identify of the alleged victim, FOX 13 News has withheld Elizabeth's full name and has obscured her face in interviews.

“I want hardcore punishment for what they have done to this child, because that shouldn’t happen to anybody” Elizabeth said.

The woman's granddaughter was allegedly taken from a couch by the men, who then took turns raping and then sodomizing her in a back room. One of the men allegedly told the girl he would kill her if she ever reported the incident, and the threat was made during the alleged rape.

“My granddaughter doesn’t deserve to go through this," Elizabeth said. "I’m very, very disgusted with people like that."

Corporal Brian Fletcher, Uintah County Sheriff's Office, said the young girl has been taken into state custody for the time being.

“Very heinous alleged crime that took place," he said. "Our investigators have worked very hard in order to make sure that the victim is taken care of.”

Fletcher said the age of the victim makes the alleged crimes all the more troubling.

“The victim's rights are paramount here, especially when we're dealing with children," he said. "It affects all of us when these crimes occur."

Four men have been booked into jail and they face one count each of rape of a child and sodomy of a child. Both charges are first-degree felonies. The suspects are: 36-year-old Larson James RonDeau, 20-year-old Josiah RonDeau, 29-year-old Jerry Flatlip and 26-year-old Randall Flatlip.

The men were arrested after police executed a search warrant at the residence where the alleged rape occurred. Authorities found bloodstained bedding as well as other evidence corroborating the victim's account of events.

Elizabeth said she wants those men held accountable.

"They need to understand: You do not let people like that get away with anything," she said.


  • Joe W.

    While those… monsters deserve to spend a long time in jail, Grandma might want need to realize that her daughter (or possibly daughter-in-law), aka “mom” and her extreme negligence is what allowed this heinous act to be perpetrated. She also deserves to go to jail.

  • bob of all bobs

    This is one of those times when you want to remember the faces and write down the names of these lowlifes just in case if they get out of jail. They can’t hide from society.


    Dear Grandmother: Your daughter is totally responsible for the animals she introduced into your granddaughter’s life. Please tell her to get her tubes tied.

  • Shavone

    I really think the mother should get the same kind of punishment for putting her daughter in that situation and not protecting her.

  • liberalssuck

    Tie them to a chair,force them to look at a picture of finneywigwam for a few days………

  • May

    Charge the mom too! Grandma wants justice served on the four men, What about the idiot that took her there in the first place!?

  • Brian

    Why is the mother not in jail? She should be strung up just like the rest, she is the worst of them all. Disgusting animals, actually, that is an insult to animals.

  • Rachel

    To all the judges and lawyers in Vernal, Utah: PLEASE do the right thing and prosecute these 4 pervs! PLEASE send a message to others out there that you can’t get away with damaging our children. I mean, sodomy on a 9yr old child? They need to go to a state penitentary and get sodomized themselves. And I hope they scream their heads off

  • Comments4u

    I hope that by “justice” she also means that she wants her daughter arrested for neglect and child endangerment.

  • Jennifer brown

    And what about the f*ck up of a daughter?! They need to die n so does she for putting her high before her baby!!!

  • Kate Fox

    Your daughter is no better than they are. She put your innocent grandchild in this situation in the first place. An unfit mother, high on drugs.

  • Wanda Sue Baker

    “My granddaughter doesn’t deserve to go through this,” Elizabeth said. “I’m very, very disgusted with people like that.” … you’re absolutely right, woman – next time – YOU should swallow … how long was that child alone while that crackhead daughter of your’s was busy smoking meth in the garage? if YOUR daughter had not brought the child with her to do drugs – would we be here right now?

  • JD

    Someone who could harm a child in this way doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance. You would think that @ least one of them would have protected the child. They will be reminded of what they have done every night when someone comes to wake them up to rape and sodomize, day after day, for the rest of there life. Hopefully, when they cry themselves to sleep @ night they feel 100X the pain they inflicted on the young girl, until they can’t take it anymore and decide to make the world a better place & leave.

  • Bob of all Bobs

    A lot of blaming the mother here and rightfully so. However if the little 9 year old was shot by the mother’s gun, you all would feel sorry for the mother. Neglect is neglect.

  • MoNanny

    Sounds like something our daughter would allow to happen to our grand daughter, while seeking her own pleasures. We’re still trying to find you baby girl and praying for your safety. You know by now Ash tricked you into leaving with the thought of coming back. Grandpa and I love you Princess V.

  • Barbara Lawlor

    My heart breaks for this child. What a horror! Who are these men? Men? Who are these animals? If we don’t protect women & children, we will have no society left. Death penalty in Utah ???

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