Community hopes to find kidney donor for Provo man involved in local music scene

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PROVO, Utah -- Behind the curtains and bright lights, Corey Fox is the lifeblood of Velour in Provo.

“If it wasn’t for Corey Fox we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing,” said Scott Shepard of Book on Tape Worm.

From local bands, American Idol contestants, Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons, Corey Fox created a stage to springboard musicians to stardom.

“I think it really helps people understand how much he’s done here and really what his life's work is committed to,” said Kaneischa Johnson, a Velour Employee.

During his more than 20 years in the local music scene, Corey has been fighting chronic kidney disease.

“Corey never asks for help for anything, he’s always the one that helps,” said Ciera Blackwalker of Book on Tape Worm.

Now, he is in need of a kidney transplant

“You just would have never known there was a health issue at hand,” Johnson said.

He's on a waiting list, but doctors, family and friends have encouraged him to look for a living door.

“While it has been scary and while it has been tough, it has been amazing to see so many people helping and sharing and willing to pitch in,” Blackwalker said.

“So many people are stepping up the plate and wanting to give a part of them to Corey’s life and contribute a part of themselves to the work he’s been doing,” Johnson said.

Velour is expecting to close for a couple of months while Corey has surgery and recovers. Some say that will just highlight how important this venue is. They are looking for donors and donations for medical bills and to help Velour. You can find out more by clicking here.

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