SLC couple upset after contents of mystery FedEx delivery marked ‘hazardous materials’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- An unexpected delivery for a couple in Salt Lake City turned out to contain an item labeled "hazardous materials", and the pair said FedEx didn't do anything to address the issue when they contacted them for an explanation.

Mariah Hay and Joe Schmidt said they were expecting a FedEx delivery of a suitcase, and then another package showed up at their door on Thursday.

“I went to pull the bag out, and all of a sudden I see this kind of blue liquid dripping and it says, ‘Hazardous Materials’ on the bag,” Hay said.

Schmidt described the contents.

“A six or eight gallon container and double-bagged and knotted at the top, a big plastic bag,” he said. “...It had a big label that said ‘recipient refused’, and I thought that's weird; I guess Mariah must have sent something to someone somewhere and maybe they had moved.”

The couple had no idea what it was. They said they panicked at the time, but laughed about it later.

“Oh, it's hysterical,” Hay said. “It's a 'You couldn't make this up if you wanted to' situation."

After a few laughs, they called FedEx but said they did not get any help, or answers as to how and why this ‘Hazardous Materials’ package was delivered to their home.

“It took four hours until they told me that they weren't going to do anything about it,” Hay said. "Which really kind of panicked me, because now I've got this potentially dangerous package sitting outside, open."

Then they called the fire department and had its Hazmat Team collect it. Jason Asay of the Salt Lake City Fire Department said their personnel secured the container and it was ultimately disposed of.

“They said it sort if smells like it might be a dental cleaning solution, possibly,” Schmidt said.

Fire officials said later Saturday they had determined the substance was some kind of mouthwash and was not dangerous.

FOX 13 reached out to FedEx for comment, and they provided the following statement:

"We regret this happened and will cooperate with local authorities to address the situation, ensure the safe retrieval of the shipment, and determine how this could have occurred," said Jim McCluskey, FedEx spokesman.

Hay said he was disappointed in FedEx.

“A company of that size and scale should have some urgency when they really mess up that badly,” he said.


    • Kerrie

      They didn’t call the fire dept for a bottle of mouthwash, idiot! They called the fire dept because they had a box of “hazardous material.” They didn’t know what it was. Are you honestly telling me that if this had happened to you, you would have just been “ok, I’ll just throw this in the garbage.” You’re an idiot.

  • bob

    Oh, dear. They’re upset.

    They ordered it, whatever it was, and if it required a HAZMAT sticker then that’s why it was on the package. It’s not FedEx’s job to open and inspect every, single package.

    Do you really think Al Qaeda is going to send poison and MARK THE BOX as such? Come on.

    It was delivered to your home because the shipper put your address on it. It’s YOUR problem.

    • Kerrie

      Bob, Bob, Bob. I think you skipped some steps in the story.
      According to the story here;
      The couple ordered a SUITCASE and fedex dropped off this package also. It did not say “hazardous” on the box, only that the box was “refused by recipient.” They didn’t know it was “hazardous” until they opened it and then they thought they should call fedex because, clearly, this box did not belong to them. After four hours, 4, fedex told them there was nothing they could do. After reading your comments on here all the time, I thought for sure you would get the story straight and have your head screwed on right before making such a dumb remark. Honestly, if his had happened to you, would you have been like, “ok, cool. I’ll just throw this hazardous material in the garbage even though I’m not 100% sure what it is?” Idiot!
      This is NOT the couples problem.

  • FinnyWiggen

    Why did you think it was FedEx’s problem? Some people have such a sense is entitlement, and a flair for the dramatic!!

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