Utah Islamic Center responds to Sen. Cruz’s comments on ‘Muslim neighborhoods’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Islamic Center responded to Senator Ted Cruz's recent comments on "Muslim neighborhoods."

The Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator recently said, "We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized."

Imam Shuaib Din, a spiritual leader for a local Islamic congregation, said he was disappointed with Cruz's comment.

He explained there are no specific "Muslim neighborhoods."

"The first thing was, 'Where are these Muslim neighborhoods?'" Because I was born in America, lived here all my life, and I've never come across these Muslim neighborhoods," Din said.

He explained he even anticipated this type of behavior from national leaders after the deadly terror attacks in Brussels.

"It looks like they will say whatever they want to say, whatever they need to say to rank up their ratings, to garnish the votes," Din said. "I would like him to represent the America that is America; the vision of our forefathers, not some third country dictator. We are an immigrant community just like anybody else, trying to seek the best opportunities for ourselves, our families, for our children."

FOX 13 News reached out to Utah Governor Gary Herbert for his reaction to Cruz's comment, since the governor endorsed the senator on Monday. However, FOX 13 has not received a response from his office.


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  • Boo

    FOX13, you have provided VERY little coverage of the Belgium massacre perpetrated by Islamic terrorists (again). Now you feel it is necessary to post the local islamic point-of-view. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? WTF??

  • Boo

    FOX13 can’t post photo’s and stories of those who lost their lives….instead, they interview local mooslims. What an f-ing joke!

  • laytonian

    The “local Muslims” have NOTHING to do with terrorism. Cruz is inciting hate. Can anyone point out a “Muslim neighborhood” that should be patrolled?
    How about all those Muslim physicians at the University of Utah? They’re saving your sorry butts.

    • Boo

      Typical BO supporter. Apparently, you forgot about the mooslim, who shot up Trolley Square. Brain-dead, idiot.

    • Boo

      Maybe you will change your mind when one of these ‘brilliant’ university students, blows up a loved one.

      • bobby

        You are no better than the extremist Muslim population ,you are sitting here judging these people as you spew hatred and you’re own form of extremism. Wake up dude look around only one of the last 14 terror attacks in America was commited by muslims, you seem to forget our own homegrown Christian radicalist like the one who shot up the planned parenthood clinic. Typical hypocritical trump supporter though,wah wah wah.

      • Stewart McDonald

        Sounds like you are a bigot accusing someone else of being bigot. Are you standing on some superior high ground?

      • Mr. Charles

        @Bobby, Common core math got you stuck? Let’s count shall we?
        How many of the attacks on military bases, installations, buildings etc were muslims? How about the terror attack in Southern California? How about the attacks in Texas? More than ONE.

      • bob

        ALL of the last 14 “terrorist attacks” in the U.S. were Muslims…..except I don’t think there have been 14 yet.

        Terrorism requires a political objective. Loonies shooting up movie theaters are not “terrorism.”

        The last non-Muslim terrorist attack was Oklahoma City back in the ’90s, and McVeigh was an avowed atheist.

    • Boo

      Liberal American’s are the stupidest people on the planet. American’s with traditional values, don’t accept the gay lifestyle, but it is tolerated. In mooslum countries, people with this alternative lifestyle, are thrown off buildings. Tell me again about tolerance.? Such hypocrites!

      • bob

        Female genital mutilation, sex slaves force-fed birth control, murder of homosexuals, women not allowed a political voice or even a driver’s license, children indoctrinated as suicide bombers……the list of things that would have liberals screaming for blood if CHRISTIANS did them goes on and on.

        Pinheads like laytonian will never understand. They’re too brainwashed, and too addicted to the attention they get with their adolescent contrarian rants.

  • A Fan of Bob

    There are obvious mooslims down the street from me (they wear the costumes). I am bomb-proofing the front of my house.

  • bob

    He doesn’t live in most major American cities, especially Minneapolis, where there ARE Muslim neighborhoods.

    But hey…..let’s pretend there is no problem. After all, it’s not like Muslims are violent or anything.

  • Mr. Charles

    One thing that would help the image of muslims is if they took a bigger role in rooting out their own muslim terrorists and helping law enforcement before terrorist activities start, and assimilating into everyday society and associating with everyone. I have had muslim neighbors and only a very few have socialized or even said hello. When I have said hello, I usually get ignored and not even looked at.

    All I ever hear are muslims saying, islam is a religion of peace and these terrorist activities are not what islam is about, but you never hear about what muslims are doing to fight the extremism in their own culture.

  • brdprey

    want the world to stop blaming muslims.
    stop those who are doing it! high jacking your so called peaceful religion.

    oh you cant.

    stop bringing up the crusades (how many years did the crusades happen?)
    the crusades were created to deal with the muslim issue back then……….in the time line of life the muslims have been killing and mameing since 602. yea you cant be trusted. no fks given.

    • bob

      The Crusades were a belated response to several centuries of rapacious attacks against Europe by Islam, including the invasion and occupation of Spain. Europe finally wised up and took the fight to the enemy instead of playing a failing defensive game. If not for the Crusaders we’d all be Muslim today.

      I know this doesn’t fit in with today’s revisionist “history”, but kids are NEVER taught about what Islam did to Europe. That’s swept under the rug in the desperate campaign to blame all the world’s ills, past and present, on white Europeans.

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