Sibling speaks after judge orders Wolferts sisters back to father’s home in Kansas

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UTAH -- The sister of two teen girls found by police after they disappeared for more than a year is speaking out after the sisters were sent back to their dad in Kansas.

Brittany Dangerfield said she last saw her sisters, 16-year old Sydney and 15-year old Danielle, on Monday evening.

They've been in state custody since early January, after Orem Police tracked the two and their mom, Michelle Wolferts, down in Pleasant Grove.

The Wolferts sisters had been missing since July of 2014, when they were reported to have run away while visiting their mom in Utah.

Dangerfield and Michelle Wolferts have claimed that the two girls were gone for about a month before mom found out their whereabouts and joined them in hiding. Dangerfield said a judge recently ordered the two teens back to Kansas, where their dad, Brian Wolferts, lives.

"They were very devastated about the order and very confused," she said.

The girls reportedly ran away because they didn't want to live with dad, claiming he was emotionally abusive.

Brian Wolferts previously told FOX 13 the claims of abuse are not true.

DCFS came out with a report, Dangerfield said, after an investigation into the matter.

"With the DCFS order, there was emotional abuse against both parents," she said.

The next day, she said the judge came out with the order to return the girls to Kansas.

Dangerfield wasn't sure if they'd go straight back to dad, enter a program, or stay with another family.

"The way that it's going right now, is the absolute worse case scenario," she said.

She said she and mom Michelle want the girls to stay in Utah, even if it's with another family here.

It's what the girls want, too, she said.

"I'm concerned just about their psychological well-being," she said. "Of course I want to be with them, and my mom wants to be with them, I mean, she's their mother. But ultimately I care about their safety and their protection."

Brian Wolferts previously told FOX 13 the girls are not in a good emotional state, and introducing them back into his home will be a long process.

He did not return a call for comment on their return to Kansas.

Dangerfield still hopes there's a chance Sydney and Danielle will be able to come back. She said they filed a motion to keep the girls in Utah, and they are figuring out what they can do next.


  • bob

    I’ve seen these kind of cases go either way. There is absolutely no way to know which parent is in the wrong…..or if either of them is right. I just feel bad for the kids.

    One thing is for sure: If I know about the whereabouts of the kids in a “non-custodial parent abduction” case I will NOT call the cops unless I personally know the situation. The courts most certainly do not act in the best interests of the kids. It’s a dice throw whether they’re better off “kidnapped” or not. So unless I actually KNOW I’m keeping my mouth shut.

    • EricMRussell

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  • lynell dangerfield

    When dad parades around naked in close proximity to two teenage girls, it is call sexual lewdness, the girls were afraid of their “so called father” He would never allow them to talk to their mother on the phone, or their sister, he would pinch them, and make them wait to go to the bathroom, to the point it was painful to them, he would inappropriately touch their step mother in front of them, and would talk of pornographic images in detail, he would talk of sexual things to them. These are only a few of the horrors that he inflicted on his girls!
    Brian Wolferts is a narcissistic, controlling monster, and he has those girls terrified! My daughter in law lived through it. The courts are corrupt in Utah county, there is a great outrage, as Brian Wolferts intends to reprogram the girls in threat therapy which is an unlicensed and unregulated therapy program that is currently being sued by several individuals who were forced into the program by their parents. Furthermore Judge Bartholomew who made the ruling to send them back to their abusive father, is a coward who told the girls they could speak in court and tell their story, only to deny them the opportunity at the last minute…this judge should lose his seat! He is incompetent, and will face the consequences of his actions in the future!..

    • Jimbob

      “Lynell” to make claims that the courts are corrupt because they sided with a former court order, which was violated by the mother, is ludicrous. Utah defaults to the mother in granting custody more often than not. For this person’s perspective parental alienation has be committed. If you are the older sister I would caution you to support your sisters and allow them to make their own determinations without spewing venom. All the claims made above can be made are without proof. This tends to happen in cases where a parent is trying to show “cause” one parent is unfit in the mind of that parent. I would suggest all involved get extensive counseling for these deep wounds in the family.

      • LetThemSpeak

        Actually there was no due process and she was in defualt because she was set up. She was not allowed to present evidence, call witnesses and her testimony was struck. He has already admitted to 30-40 affairs and failed his polygraph that took them back to court. Do your research. These girls were silenced after he promised to let them have a voice. And no he wants to silence the entire world from what he has done!

      • Guest123

        If Brian Wolferts were really innocent, then he would #letthemspeak. These girls are old enough to speak for themselves. If he has done nothing wrong, then he should not be scared of them having a voice in the situation. LET THEM SPEAK!!

    • bob

      I know a case in which the wife made almost identical claims about her husband, but it was a tissue of lies. Don’t assume.

      Unless you PERSONALLY know that it’s true you’d do well to stop projecting.

  • Bob Squared

    nice one judge Bartholomew. idiot.

    Allegations of abuse. Girls dont want to go. Girls semt back to abusive dad.

    This judge needs to retire. Find himself a new profession. He’s lost his edge.

  • Boo

    The girls are still minors, but are at an age to know which living environment is better for them. Sad story.

  • Concentric

    Thanks for reporting! I think it’s also important to know he has no been found substantiated for 2 abuse cases in Utah. Dorcy Pruter has the girls. She is a life coach that is out to take 20k for stealing your children. Brian promised he would let the girls speak and then he silenced them!! He is now trying to silence everyone that has ever said anything abou thos case. #LetThemSpeak

    • LetThemSpeak

      Is this the same woman who was appointed in the Tsimoni case in Michigan? If so she has no education, no therapuetic skills – nothing but a high school diploma.

  • travelgirl

    So the judge says these young women are liars and stupid, their father is wonderful and he…the judge, knows what’s best for them because…. he knows the father personally.??

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