Woman arrested on DUI charges after hitting, killing 8-year-old Payson boy

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PAYSON, Utah -- A woman has been arrested after hitting and killing an 8-year-old Payson boy with her vehicle Sunday afternoon.

Tabitha Magoon

Tabitha Magoon

The auto-pedestrian accident occurred at about 2:35 p.m. in the area of 680 West and 1000 South. According to Payson police, 37-year-old Tabatha Magoon ran over Kaydon Sillitoe, who was outside playing on a skateboard he received for his birthday the day before.

"They (Kaydon’s family) are very distraught,” said Lt. Bill Wright, Payson police spokesman. “They have a loss of a child that had a birthday just the day before this occurred. They are feeling that loss quite poignantly.”

At the time of the accident, Wright said, Magoon stopped when she heard screaming. The 37-year-old voluntarily admitted to a blood and urine test.

The results showed several controlled substances including methamphetamine were in Magoon's system at the time of the crash, according to police. The driver is facing three charges including driving under the influence.

"There is heartache, there is pain, there is anger,” Tracy Sullivan, the boy’s grandmother, told reporters Monday. “Of course there is anger. This could have been avoided. Different choices, it could have been avoided.”

Neighbors quickly planned a vigil for Monday night. Originally planned a block from Kaydon's home, the vigil moved to his family's front yard, only feet from where the boy was killed.

"When we found out what had happened, I just wanted to do something to let them know that we care," said Catherine Jones, a neighbor who helped organize the vigil. "We feel that loss like it was our own child because it could have been our own."

Flowers, balloons and messages of love lined up on the sidewalk next to the spot where Kaydon was run over.

"He was just a light in our lives.  He was just a shining light and he brought a lot of joy -- and he's going to be missed," Sullivan said.



    Always nice when a drug impaired driver takes the life of an 8 year old boy. The quicker she can bail out of jail the quicker she can satisfy her meth addiction.

    • Trenton Spears

      ANOTHERBOB Another case for gateway drugs like marijuana. People die and lives are
      destroyed from illegal drug use. Wake up America there are thousands and thousands of drivers everyday that are under the influence of drugs. God Bless the parents of this 8 year old boy another tragedy that could have been avoided. Trenton Spears

      • Jeff Krogue

        The long term solution for all traffic deaths is automation. The big automakers said they are going to have automated emergency braking on all new cars I think it was by 2022. It will be nice when this type of tragedy is rare.

      • Jeff Krogue

        yeah, we’ve been trying to fight addiction for the last 30-40 years at great expense for zero success. Tech will end up being way cheaper in the end. Like all tech its very expensive to develop and prototype but once it takes over the market for a bit it becomes dirt cheap.

      • Trenton Spears

        JEFF KROGUE I don’t care if it takes fifty more years we must never give up. Your statement of zero results is fantasy I have seen lots of people that have been cured of drug addiction and live a normal life including my own daughter who started with the gateway drug marijuana and took years for her to recover after two divorces and a topsy turvy life.Those who want to legalize marijuana always say the fight against drugs is not working it time to give up it is time to throw in the towel. Jeff I never gave up on my daughter and she is drug free today because of love and long term treatment.Those States, Politicians and voters who want the gateway drug marijuana legalized are nothing more than the drug pushing scum who litter our towns and streets with this gateway drug. Trenton Spears

  • bob

    Explain the logic to me: Driving drunk is a misdemeanor, but killing someone while driving drunk is a felony. Yet it’s the “driving drunk” part that is a deliberate act. Why is the CHOICE a misdemeanor, but the unintended accident is a felony?

    The penalty should be the same for ALL drunk driving offenses. whether you kill someone or not. FELONY. First time. Every time. Permanent loss of driving privilege, serious jail time, and a felony record.

    (Drugs, too. Alcohol is a drug.)


        @JEFF KROGUE
        Punishing people that kill little boys does help serve as a warning to other slow learners. We don’t punish people like Tabitha Magoon hard enough. Her bail should have been set at $1 million dollars, and if convicted she should serve a minimum of 15 years in prison.

    • bob

      First offense: Permanent loss of license, 30 days in jail, car impounded. Enjoy riding the bus forever..

      Second offense: 1 YEAR in jail.

      Third offense: LIFE in prison.

      Think that’d get their attention? I guarantee no kid would ever, EVER take that risk. Not a chance. There would be ZERO drunk driving offenses.

  • A Mother

    She deserves to die in prison, my daughter is about to be that age and her piss poor choices took a child forever! There is no excuse for her actions and nothing justifies them, she deserves to rot in a cell a cell till the devil comes comes to take her home!

  • Robert

    As a mother her self better choices should have been made! She has ruined multiple families not just this one in the last year! She also had a young woman overdose in her house and it took her more than 2 days to call for help now she’s been fighting for her life ever since! this is a woman should never see the light of day again! Who will she hurt next if they let her out? Too many lives have been destroyed because of her choices lock her up and lose the key!!!!!

  • McKayla Sillitoe

    My baby brother. This breaks my heart. To hell with that women. Long live my baby brother, Kaydon Sillitoe

    • Denise Sanchez

      I am so sorry for your loss McKayla. This is a tragedy! I hope that woman pays dearly for how she cheated your family, your sweet brother and the entire community. You and your family are in my prayers! As a Nurse, I am really tired of watching drug addicts ruining other people’s lives. This whole thing makes me sick!

      • Trenton Spears

        DENISE SANCHEZ You are so right this is a tragedy this a result of liberal think tanks that weaken our laws and goes soft on punishment. Doing drugs is a choice, doing drugs leads to higher drugs, doing drugs is a national disgrace, doing drugs kills people mostly the innocent that all started with gateway drugs like marijuana. Trenton Spears

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