Utah House Speaker Hughes explains his endorsement of Donald Trump

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes knows he's swimming against the tide of Utah's Republican Party and the Utah electorate in general when he declares his support for Donald Trump for President.

"When I decided to engage in national and presidential races it wasn't with my own political career in mind," Hughes told FOX 13 News in a live interview on Facebook.

Hughes made the endorsement after his previous favorite, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, dropped out of the race after losing to Trump in his home state.

Hughes said he watched the debates with his son, who said of Rubio's prepared remarks, "I think he's repeating the same thing."

"I think America has become tired of that," Hughes said.

But Utah isn't resembling the rest of red-state America in the 2016 election cycle. The latest poll of likely Republican caucus goers shows Trump with just 11 percent support in Utah compared with 29 percent for Ohio Governor John Kasich and 53 percent for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

So how does Hughes respond to Trump critics who point to personal insults and violence at rallies for the New York billionaire? Watch the Facebook live conversation here: https://www.facebook.com/maxwellroth/videos/1309679775725725/


    • Stewart McDonald

      Trump has a bad habit of saying what he believes. Hillary, otherwise known as cuddles, is much wiser and says what you want to hear.

      • Apologist JD

        Trump says what the polls say he should believe. If you want to know what he really believes, look at what he was saying before he was running for office as a Republican, or look at his political contributions, or really look at anything he’s ever done besides what he puts in his commercials or says in a staged debate.

  • FinnyWiggen

    How does anyone support a man who left his dying wife to chase after a porn star. Who has said disgusting and very graphic things about multiple women. Who is an utter failure in business, and who is willing to take different public positions on the same issue, depending on where he is speaking.

    I am sorry, but I cannot respect a man who endorses such a small human being.

    This endorsement causes me to lose all respect for the intellectual honesty of speaker Hughes.

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