Provo police investigating string of heroin overdoses

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PROVO, Utah — Provo police said there have been at least nine heroin overdoses in the city so far this year.

Three of the people who overdosed in Provo this year have died, and Provo police said that number could have been higher if not for the quick work of emergency medical personnel and the use of anti-overdose drug Narcan.

Law enforcement officials are trying to learn why overdoses have been such a big problem this year.

“As of right now, we want to do research into what is it specifically? […] What are the contributing factors to the overdoses? Is it something related to that or is it just excessive use? Is it prescription-related,” said Sr. Officer Nisha Henderson, Provo PD.

Opiate pain relievers and heroin abuse have been on the rise in Provo and Utah County over the last decade. Henderson said Provo paramedics have used Narcan a total of 30 times so far this year – all of them for people believed to be overdosing on pain relievers or heroin.

Henderson said it’s important to educate the public, particularly children, about the dangers of heroin and other drugs.

In addition to efforts to educate people about drugs, Provo police have offered “take-back” events for those who need to get rid of unused prescriptions.


  • Utes Byfive (@Utesbyfive)

    1. The DEA, and CDC have tightened up on prescribing opioids. People dependent now can’t get a prescription so…
    2. They switch to street drugs. But Heroin has a dirty secret these days…
    3. Most street heroin is cut with fentanyl, a much more potent, but far more easily manufactured drug. It’s hard to grow poppies, it’s easy to synthesize fentanyl.
    4. So, thanks to the DEA, the CDC, and Narco-traffickers looking to cut costs, more people die. Good work everybody.


      The United States governement is responsible for the consequences when people use illegal pharmacuticals. If you don’t want to get sick and die from using heroin don’t get addicted to it in the first place, and don’t come looking for sympathy if you are stupid enough to get hooked on it.

      • CaroleD

        Most do not set out to get hooked on pain pills, some are just more susceptible to addiction than others. Just thank God you have never had to be in that situation and pray you never are. Many good, church going etc people have found themselves addicted to the pain pills after surgery, serious injuries or serious painful health issues. This is not people who CHOOSE TO BE ADDICTED, they used the prescriptions as prescribed and did not abuse them but became addicted anyway. Don’t judge it could happen to you

      • bob

        Every, single one of them set out to get high by abusing illegal substances which they knew were addictive. It is 100% the fault of the addict.

        It is absolutely NOT my problem, and I resent being forced to pay to fix it under threat of imprisonment.

      • bob

        I’m well aware of the physiology of opioid dependence, thank you, but very few heroin addicts started out taking prescription meds for a slipped disc. They started out abusing illegal drugs to get high. ZERO sympathy.

      • Stewart McDonald

        We’re talking about heroin and not pain pills honey. If you can’t keep up take notes. Most of us are smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others. Sadly, the rest of to be heroin addicts.

    • Anotherbob

      Yes of course it’s the governments fault that people are stupid and get themselves addicted. I say let them OD and die, it’s survival of the fittest and one less dirty drug addict makes for a better society.

    • bob

      Dependence is a choice. It’s not the job of the taxpayers to get you high, loser. There is ZERO chance of me overdosing on heroin no matter what the government does.

      Overdosing on drugs is 100% the choice of the person who overdoses.

      Typical liberal parasite. Start accepting some responsibility for yourself for a change.

    • FrankDHayden

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      The government isn’t responsible for addicts that do heroin. Mother Nature has a way of getting rid of retards.


    Why would any sane human being what to injest products of unknown origin and unknown quality into their bodies? How many home burglaries does it take to fund the cost of a heroine user? People who chose to become slaves to a drug addiction can get help if they really want it.


    They start out on the gateway drugs like marijuana and graduate to heroin later. Your sob story doesn’t match reality.


        It is known as “natural selection” Alien. Drug addicts that get weeded out of the gene pool benefit Mother Nature. When you say I’m “such a Cvnt” are you speaking as an authority on the subject?

      • Stewart McDonald

        Alien represents the attitude of your typical heroin user. A real refined decent human being if there ever was one.

      • BOB

        You don’t specify whether you have little boy parts or little girl parts Alien. All we know for sure is that you’re an @sshole.


        You’ll have to excuse Alien’s potty mouth folks. On his resume he wrote that he is a winner. He recently learned not to wet his bed.


    Based on your crude responses I believe we can assume that you have little boy parts. Don’t take yourself so seriously son. Nobody else does. :)

    • ALIEN

      Eric isn’t lying. One of them dicks is mine. That’s why he can get four of them into his mouth … with room to spare. :)


      I had a similar experience with Alien myslef Eric. Funny thing is I thought it was his little finger he was trying to put in my mouth. Now you know why they call him a little *rick.


      With a member as small as Alien’s you could probably fit six or seven in your mouth and still be able to chew gum. At least thats what his boyfriend told me.

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