Man who was arrested for having sex on Vegas Ferris wheel killed in carjacking

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HOUSTON, Texas — A man who made national news last month when he was caught having sex on the Ferris wheel on the Las Vegas Strip was killed over the weekend in a carjacking, according to KTRK in Houston.

Police say Phil Panzica, 27, and his fiancée had just left a strip club in Houston around 5 a.m. Saturday when Panzica was killed inside her vehicle.

He was shot multiple times and killed by one of two suspects who were in the back seat of his fiancée’s vehicle.

Panzica’s fiancée was then told to get out of the car and the suspects took off.

The two suspects, Bryant Watts and Arron Jones, were later caught and arrested. They have been charged with capital murder.

Panzica made headlines in February when he was arrested for having sex with a woman on a Ferris wheel in Las Vegas — the same day he planned to marry another woman. It isn’t clear if the fiancée who was in the vehicle with him when he was killed was the same woman.

A GoFundMe page has been created in his honor.



    Apparently Phil Panzica’s fiancée isn’t real picky about the kind of men she goes to bed with.

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  • laytonian

    There’s a lot more to this story, some of it being reported out of Las Vegas.
    He was picking up a girlfriend/fiancee from her stripper job at 5am.
    Something went on in the car. It wasn’t worth stealing.

  • Michelle Welchman

    The police should investigate the fiancé. This sounds much too easy or convenient. Its sounds like one of those logic problems:
    Boyfriend proposes marriage to woman #1. Has sex with woman #2 on a Las Vegas ferris wheel.
    Boyfriend is again with woman #1, the fiancé in a car on the Vegas Strip.
    Two men known or unknown to either boyfriend or fiancé, just happen to be waiting for the both of them in the back seat if that particular car. Out of all the cars they could have chose to highjack in Las Vegas it was that one. Hmmmmm

    Can anyone say set up?

    Boyfriend conveniently dies from the shooting. They don’t, ironically shoot her.. Woman #2..the fiancé? Why was that? They told her to get out of the car and run away.
    Naturally, they will and were arrested. She..the fiancé is off the hook. Or is she?
    Logically, this is and was not a random crime. This does not add up to be one. It reeks like something rotten in Denmark. It smells like a set up through and through. The Vegas police should be questioning and arresting her. She is behind this crime. Why? If her fiancé had sex with another woman, then its easy to see why. This is not a new kind of crime. This type of crime is one of the oldest in the book. His infidelity to his fiancé led directly a setup involving a high jacking…that was a rouse, and to his ultimate, untimely death. Its suspecious why she was not also gunned down by them. The motive was not robbery. Nothing was taken from or off the boyfriend other than his life.
    Ladies and gentleman of the jury, this malicious, selfless, terrible crime involving the age old infidelity and murder was not a random crime. It was a setup. It shall be proven as such upon further investigation of the fiancé. She will be found to be guilty as the facts will show logically that the events were too convenient. He proposed marriage to her on the same exact day he had decided to transgress and engage in sex with another woman. Now, if he did so this act in a private room, maybe it would not have come to any light. Because he was caught doing this act in public on act on a Las Vegas ferris wheel, is what made the news light. I would say that is quite humiliating. The fiancé gets word of it, finds out what happened and I’m sure it was not nearlybas happy as being proposed to. I’m sure she became quite angry. Was very hurt to know of this, but instead of handling it correctly and properly ending the relationship, she likely set about to try to “make Mr. Phil pay” for his deed. For his sexual transgression to her instead of just accepting and realizing that’s kind of guy he was and breaking of the engagement and relationship and being thankful she did not marry him. To go on in life and find someone else to marry. No. Instead, she arranged a hiest..a rouse and used that as a set up to take the life an innocent man. Mr Phil was an innocent man. He did not commit any real crime. Adultery happens all the time. In descent exposure in a ferris wheel…that’s petty. That did not warrant a man to loose his life. So, ladies and gentleman of the Jury: How say you? Please find her guilty.

    • Chris

      Except it clearly says that the incident occurred in Houston. That *really* reduces the chances of this being a “random” carjacking.

    • miles(dave)

      your not wrong there is definitely reason for a great motive for the crime you described. and the fact that it was in houston doesnt discount, especially if it was a planned trip. however just because there is this good enough motive does not mean instant guilt.

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