Gov. Herbert signs ‘In God We Trust’ license plate bill

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SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Gary Herbert has signed a bill that allows Utah residents to choose an “In God We Trust” license plate as one of the standard license plate options.

The “In God We Trust” license plate is currently available as one of the “special group” license plates and it costs an additional $15.

Under H.B. 127, the “In God We Trust” license plate option will become a standard option, alongside the existing Greatest Snow On Earth Skier and Life Elevated Arches options.

H.B. 127 takes effect on January 1, 2017.



    • analogismos

      It shouldn’t be on the money in the first place. Putting it on the “root of all evil” is an irreverence and an offense to God IMO. It was only added after world war two as a nod to marcarthian paranoia.


        Should, shouldn’t, couldn’t. The fact that “In God We Trust” is on your paper currency and until such time as they take it off there is no good argument for not allowing people to pay money to put it on their license plates.

      • analogismos

        It is the “job” of government to not “establish” one religion over another. If the right-wing extremists are right in there assertion that atheism IS a religion then you must grant Biker’s point (assuming you are intellectually honest).


        “In God we trust” first appeared on U.S. coins in 1864[4] and has appeared on paper currency since 1957. A law passed in a Joint Resolution by the 84th Congress (P.L. 84-140) and approved by President Dwight Eisenhower on July 30, 1956 declared IN GOD WE TRUST must appear on currency.

        Don’t like it ANALOGISMOS? Try holding your breath and see if that helps.

      • analogismos

        Anotherbob, i think you’re in the wrong comment. But thanks for ignoring my point in this one and confirming my point in the other.

      • analogismos

        US currency says “The United States of America” and “this note is legal tender…”. SHould they be on our State license plates as well then?


        Are you honestly that thin skinned that you you can’t bear to see an individual express his/her personal belief? Is somebody forcing you to put that license plate on your car?

      • analogismos

        anotherbob, it is not my skin I’m concerned with (despite your helpful advice to kill myself). It is the state government using their political power to thumb their noses at atheists. The fact that this will be (as i understand it) the DEFAULT plate and that people need to pay extra/make an extra request to NOT get the plate is the issue. Not that it matters, but i am a Christian.

      • analogismos

        apologies, i just re-read the article, (one of) the standard options is not the same thing as the default option. I apologize for my poor reading comprehension and will now commence suffocation myself :)

  • bob

    As an atheist I say “GOOD!” The Constitution guarantees both speech, and specifically religious speech. This is NOT an endorsement of a particular religion by government, and therefore is not unconstitutional.

    Besides that, it doesn’t bother me personally. Believe whatever you wish. Express it however you wish.

    • whatsayyou

      I think the biggest gripe is not that it’s available, but that they made that particular specialty plate free, and my veteran plate, (for instance) costs $15 extra.


        The story says:

        “The “In God We Trust” license plate is currently available as one of the “special group” license plates and it costs an additional $15.”

        Does that make you feel better? :)

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