Layton mom reported missing now faces child endangerment charges

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LAYTON, Utah — A woman from Layton who was reported missing and endangered along with her two young children has now been booked into jail and faces charges of child endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Layton police sought the public’s help Thursday night as they attempted to locate Cassie Johnson and her two young children, and police said they believed the woman was bound for Salt Lake City and that they had reason to believe she and her children were in danger.

The woman was found at a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City within 24 hours after she was reported missing Thursday night, and Friday she was booked into jail on two charges of child endangerment and one count of use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police have not elaborated on why they believed the children were in danger or given any specific information regarding the reasons for the child endangerment charges.

Police had previously stated the children would be given over to the care of family members.



    What’s a mother with two small children doing possessing drug paraphernalia? The judge needs to order her to get her tubes tied.

    • Ivan

      So you want the government to interview every person that can produce children and serialize those it deems unworthy? You must be a liberal or you are not very bright if you think it is a good idea to give the government this power.


        Lucky is the child who has a mother who isn’t a drug addict. Drug addicts aren’t much good to anybody including themselves.


        By-the-way Ivan, who do you expect to step in and provide the financial support for children whose mothers are drug addicts? Did you say “gubment”?

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