SLC Mayor Jackie Biskupski canvasses for Clinton ahead of Utah’s caucus

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SALT LAKE CITY – While Hillary Clinton was the only major presidential candidate not to visit Utah ahead of the state’s upcoming primary, her supporters were out spreading her message this weekend.

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski is among those supporters, and she helped launch a door-to-door canvassing effort in Salt Lake City Saturday.

She said the Clinton campaign has volunteers all over the state.

“From St. George to Logan, that people are very engaged in this race,” she said. “They want to make sure Hillary wins come Tuesday, and they are out knocking on doors, and calling, and there is true excitement.”

Mayor Biskupski said she supports Clinton because she believes Clinton is the most qualified and capable candidate.


  • e evas

    Count me OUT Jackie….I was a supporter until this…Not anymore…HRC will never get my vote ….and you will never get a second vote from me again…I will volunteer and canvass for whoever runs against you in the next election…..So will ALL of my friends…..Hillary did not even support the LGBTQ community until 2013….Being a gay man I am truly disappointed in your decision…..I will not support the DNC or its tool JACKIE again… could have just stayed Quiet and respectfully voted…But NEVER again……

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    • Anotherbob

      So you’re implying you voted for her just because shes pro lgbt and don’t support Clinton cause she wasn’t until 2013? Jesus you guys are pathetic to vote in or out based on your special interest as opposed to who is best for everyone. FTR I’m opposed to both of them

      • magpie

        Yeah just like you people vote for politicians who will pass traditional marriage laws, or more open carry laws right? To imply that you don’t vote within your “special interest groups” means you’re a hypocrite. Oh and you satisfy your personal definition of pathetic which you outlined above.

  • Bob of Bobs

    let me clarify her words… If you hold high office and are a woman, you are above the law…. SLC needs to watch Jackie very closely..

  • Marion the Librarian

    It’s time to look ahead to November. If you want to avoid a Republican presidency, nominate the Democrat that will do best against a Republican. That’s Bernie Sanders, not Clinton. The key is how Independents will vote in the general election.
    Sanders has 70% (versus Clinton’s 30%) of Independent voters so far in the primaries. Over 40% of American voters are Independent.
    In the general election, Clinton would capture the party loyal voters, a small portion of Independents, and Republicans looking to block their own nominee. Some resentful Sanders’ supporters would sit out or vote Republican/Green Party in protest.
    In the general election, Sanders would capture the party loyal voters, more than twice as many Independents as Clinton would have, and Republicans looking to block their own nominee. How many resentful Clinton supporters would sit out or vote Republican/Green in protest? I think fewer than than would if Clinton were the nominee. Even if that factor remained the same, he would still have the advantage of more Independent support.
    Sanders is mathematically stronger for the general election. Democrats who haven’t voted/caucused yet, consider November when you’re at the primaries. The party *needs* Bernie Sanders for the best chance to win the White House.


    Trust Salt Lake City’s lesbian mayor to support a woman like Mrs. Bill Clinton who has all the warmth and charm of a rattlesnake.

    • Magpie

      Trust some insecure male would come out of the woodwork and leave a skeevy disgusting comment about our elected official’s sex life which has nothing to do with supporting HRC. Go see a therapist buddy!

  • MaximusD

    She has to be one of the worst mayors in the country. This comment about Clinton is just the icing on the cake. It is beyond me how the people of SLC elected her. She comes across as unintelligent, and ignorant.

  • Rick

    So Jack doesn’t have anything better to do in her newly appointed position than waste valuable time stumping for a criminal?

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