Trump’s comments on Romney’s faith prompt criticism from other Republicans

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PROVO, Utah -- Donald Trump Jr. defended his father's comments about Mitt Romney's faith from Friday night.

"The people we know that are Mormons don't say one thing here, and say another here," Trump Jr. said.

His father, Donald Trump called into question Mitt Romney's faith, asking a crowd at his Salt Lake rally, "Are you sure he's a Mormon?"

Trump Jr. admitted that the comment was more tongue-in-cheek than a matter-of-fact statement, but that didn't stop politicians from sounding-off Saturday morning in response.

"I need to say this, OK," said Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox. "...and last night Donald Trump did something and said something that I never thought I'd see a candidate for president do and say, especially someone in the Republican Party."

The Lt. Gov. spoke at a rally for Senator Ted Cruz in Provo Saturday, and after touting Cruz he took a moment to address a message to Donald Trump regarding the Republican frontrunner's comments on Mitt Romney's religion.

"Think about that for a second," Cox told the crowd. "A person running for office, in our party, thinks it's OK that if you question his politics, he can question your religion. I have a message for the 3 million people in Utah for Mr. Donald Trump: That's not how we roll in Utah, and that's not how we roll in the United States of America."

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz also jumped in to comment on Trump's remarks.

“It was sad yesterday to see Donald Trump stand up and call into question Mitt Romney’s faith," Cruz said while leaving a rally at the American Preparatory Academy. "That has no place in politics. It’s wrong. It is disgraceful to call into question the faith of another, and that is an attack that doesn’t belong in Utah and doesn’t belong in politics."


  • Awren

    In 2004 Melanija Knavs / Knauss was a citizen of Slovenia
    In 2016 Mr Trumps third wife could be the First Lady Of The United States Of America
    I guess it shows you what massive quantities of money can buy

    I’m not sure what Mrs Trumps views are, but I believe in one British GQ magazine
    she took multiple positions……………………………

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  • freewilltwo

    so the LT. Governor shows his true colors..Cruz is bought and paid for, He just put Neil Bush on his financial team, and Cruz was on the Bush Campaign in 2000, Cruz is owned by Goldman Sachs..and Romney is a wolf in sheeps clothing, I question his faith, is deceit part of the LDS religion now?

  • David

    Trump is a Christian….Romney is a Mormon. Romney sat there on national TV and questioned Trumps values, calls him a liar, etc. Is that how a Mormon / former Presidential candidate is supposed to act on national TV??? Hmmm…and you wonder why Trump questioned Romney’s religion. So much for Romney acting like a good Mormon should. Trump for President 2016.

  • maybemaybenotBob

    Sorry LT GOV you are wrong people in Utah are questioned about their faith all the time. And if you don’t believe like the majority then you have 2 options be shunned or tolerate the never ending conversion attempts. There is a lot of evil behind those bright smiles and sickly sweet hellos you get all over Utah.

    • Lili

      First of all, not all Mormons are self-righteous punks like Romney et al. My family and I were at the rally and a person really have to not have brains to misunderstand what Mr. Trump said. He is very respectful and I am thankful for the hope that he is bringing back to the U.S. On the other hand, it embarrasses me that those so call leaders (pompous people) use our church for their own sick purposes. What make them any better than liberals, democrats, myself?
      I wish my fellow members would ask themselves: why is it that everyone is on a quest against Mr. Trump? do I want to be a follower or search the truth and make my own decisions?
      Trump! Trump!!!!

      • melvinrayford

        You are someone who dont believe in him/her self. You are a Trump support yet trying to hide it acting like you are weighing the options seeking the truth. No one is after Trump, people are responding to the hate he has targeted other people with

  • Arthur Digby Sellers

    What’s the problem? It’s totally ok to do that. Read your Two Corinthians and learn about it.

  • Opie

    Ok, but MItt Romney questioned Donald’s business dealings, honesty, conservatism, fidelity, character, intentions, and intelligence, when four years earlier he was lauding the same man as a successful businessman who he was honored to have been endorsed by. What Mormon does that?

  • Beverly Burton

    This was a joke and everybody at the rally laughed about it. The SLC Tribune mentioned it in a story yesterday: “And then he joked that he paid the tithing of some of his Mormon employees directly to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to avoid the temptation of taking the money. I have a lot of friends. … By the way, Mitt Romney isn’t one of them,” Trump said to hoots from the crowd. “Are we sure he is a Mormon? Are we sure?”

  • Bob of Bobs

    Romney.. sheesh, he showed his true colors as did the establishment rino’s.. Im voting Trump!

  • Anotherbob

    “and last night Donald Trump did something and said something that I never thought I’d see a candidate for president do and say”, did you miss the part where Trump let everyone know there’s nothing wrong with the size of his penis??

  • Karen Strickland

    It seems to me that Mr. Trump’s faith has been called in to question by the other candidates. And Mitt Romney did accept Mr. Trump’s money and endorsement when he was running for President. He’s two faced. and talks out of two sides of his mouth it seems to me.

  • Allen Hill

    Shouldn’t a candidate’s truthfulness be the most important characteristic? The fact that almost all politicians lie is not a license to lie. It is just an indictment of almost all politicians. The exception seems to be Bernie Sanders, I have not heard him lie.

    Mr. Trump claims to be a Christian. He said he is a Presbyterian and that his favorite book is the Bible.

    Is Mr. Trump a true Christian or a Christian in Name Only?

    A Christian in Name Only is someone who professes to be a Christian in public, but doesn’t know, understand or follow the teachings of Christianity. Not knowing the teachings and beliefs of Christianity, the Christian in Name Only violates them continually and is in all likelihood NOT a Christian.

    I have many examples of why I believe that Mr. Trump is NOT a true Christian an and is a Christian in Name Only and is claiming to be a real Christian simply for votes. Below is just one.

    Mr. Trump has said “The point is that you can’t be too GREEDY”. Check the internet and you can see that.

    Obviously, Mr. Trump is a SLANDERER.

    Paul wrote 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament. Paul wrote the following:

    1 Corinthians 5:11 “But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or GREEDY, an idolater or SLANDERER, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people.”

    We all must judge to some extent or we could not vote or serve on a jury.

    Jesus said as reported in John 7:24 (KJV) “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.”

    The New Living Translation of the Bible is even clearer:

    John 7:24 (NLT) “Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly.”

    I think it is the worst kind of lie comes from a Christian in Name Only who lies about his Christianity simply to get votes.

  • Sapphire

    After all the stupid things Mitt Romney said during his campaign for president, he has no right to say anything about anyone and should just mind his own business. There was no excuse for him not winning, except he says stupid things. Cruz cannot beat Hillary, he is a wimp and a Republican puppet. Hillary is the chosen one and will win unless Trump goes against her, because he is the ONLY one who will fight as dirty as he has to in order to get the job done. We are living in perilous times. The entire fabric of our society has changed. Without strong businesses there are no jobs. Without a strong military, a restricted border, and intelligent decisions, there is no safety. Trump NEVER said he was racist against anyone. The press leads Americans around with a ring in their noses. Every time someone opens their mouth the press turns it into some kind of offense. All Trump said was that we need to be sure individual Muslims, Hispanics and anyone else wanting to immigrate to the US are not a danger before they are allowed into the country, and that immigration needs to be done lawfully and quickly. He even clarified that but all the press does is yell racist and the followers scream in their packs. Ridiculous! It is amazing to me that in this vulgar classless society ANYONE would whine about ANYTHING anyone says. You people all want freedom of speech but no one else is allowed to say anything without it being attacked and distorted.

  • Dominique

    Actually, that is PRECISELY how it’s done in Utah. Anytime anytime questions Mormon authority, their integrity and religious beliefs are put on public trial. One is guilty until they prove themselves sufficiently Mormon.

  • FRank Dorka

    Funny, growing up in Utah, I was asked hundreds of times what religion I was or I was assumed to be a Mormon. Not that tough of a question to answer, I’d say.

  • Lyn

    Well, it is absolutely correct the Romney says one thing, and then another. It’s called being dishonest. When Romney campaigned for Bob Bennett in 2010, he defended Bennett’s use of earmarks, saying that Congress needs the tool of earmarks and it’s a wonderful thing. But in 2012, Romney criticized Newt Gingrich for using earmarks, like it was a terrible thing. In 2012, Romney praised Trump as a wonderful business man and a man who knows what’s going on with America and around the world. Then in 2016, he pretty much said the opposite. There are many other examples, as well. Mitt Romney is not a fully-fledged good example of a Latter-day Saints. And Trump and his son were correct in pointing that out. They have high regard for Mormons. Spencer Cox either does not comprehend what Trump was talking about, he’s humor-challenged, or he puts politics before what’s true. Same with Ted Cruz. They have behaved disgracefully and self-righteously.

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