Live performance of ‘The Passion’ with modern music premieres on FOX 13 Sunday

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NEW ORLEANS -- A live musical performance telling the story of Jesus Christ's final hours through modern music will be broadcast from New Orleans Sunday night, and the creators of the program spoke about the project and their motivation for the faith-based feature.

"The Passion" is presented by Tyler Perry, who said he wanted to make an uplifting contribution.

"This country needs hope," he said. "We need something positive, we need faith, we need God, we need something to lift us. I was so surprised to find how many Millennials don't even know the story of Jesus Christ, don't even know the story of the resurrection, so to have this told and set in modern-day times to Top 40 music, it opens it up to everyone."

"The Passion" will air on FOX 13 from 7-9 p.m. Sunday, with News at Nine following immediately after. Tune in Sunday for the performance, and check out the video above for a preview.

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