Trump changes time, location for stop in Salt Lake City

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Donald Trump’s campaign announced some changes to the GOP candidate’s stop in Salt Lake City Friday.

According to Donald Trump’s official website, he has changed the time and place he will speak.

Trump will now speak at 7 p.m. in the Infinity Events Center at 26 E. 600 S. in Salt Lake City. 

You can register for tickets right here.


    • Techie

      Trump will be an absolute disaster for this country. I do not think he will make it past the democratic nominee though – which is even worse. Look at the polls. He always loses to the democrat.

      Wake up people! What kind of judges do you think Trump will put on the Supreme Court? With his past history of supporting very liberal big government socialist democrats do you really think he is going to put someone like Antonin Scalia on the court. We need a very strong constitutional conservative to replace Antonin Scalia or this country will go down the liberal socialist big government control path and never recover.

      Cruz is the only way this country survives. We need someone who will follow the constitution. Trump thinks he can do it all himself because he is so great. This country is not great because of a president it is great because of the people. But, this country can be destroyed by a bad president like Trump or one of the democrats.

      Please, wake-up people! We need to restore the constitution to its rightful place and put constitutional conservatives on the Supreme Court.

      • JVE1400

        Cruz? Haha.
        He still owes America $24 billion for his little baby antics shutting down the government.
        The only thing worse for America than Trump is Cruz.

      • Linda

        You have no idea what you’re talking about Donald Trump is the most honest individual we’ve ever had run a campaign you have nothing but liars on the Democrat and Republican side and I love Trump and what he has to say to help save America!!

      • Concerned

        Um, wow, Linda. Actually, Trump lies more than any other candidate. Check out the Politifact Truth-o-Meter, which is generally free of most bias in either direction, and you’ll see that his ability to tell the truth is…extremely limited. It’s not that other politicians don’t lie. They all do. But Trump lies outrageously, and constantly. I’m not sure he even knows what the truth is anymore, he’s convinced himself of so many lies. Say what you will about him (I personally can’t say one nice thing about him, I think he’s the most dangerous person to be in a position of power that America has maybe ever seen, plus he’s a bigot and a misogynist), but what you can NOT say is that he tells the truth. He very obviously—and proven by many people and sources, many, many times—does not.

  • Ruthanne Christensen

    Thank you for coming! You were right not to debate, but thank you for coming!!! You are the closest candidate to a patriot that America has had for a really long time! Thank you for speaking truth. PC has killed America. I pray for your safety daily. You’re journey is dangerous. God bless you Trump and family. Lets bring God back to America. Lets make America great again.

  • mormon lover

    What a pansy. Tooscared to speak at the fairgrounds after dark in Utah? How’s he going to handle Russia and North Korea and ISIS if he can’t handle the wilds of UTAH?!? Not to mention, the schmuck refused to debate here – so we can derive from that that he’s unsure of his ability to sound more qualified than his opponants. Rather, he chose to have one of hsi Hitler-esque rallies, likely complete with an oath and THE salute. But he won’t do it after dark or in an area prone to liberals and/or minorities.

    I suggest that every single liberal, minority and Trump hater in the state (or who happens to be reading this, I don’t car where you live) reserves as many tickets to this useless event as possible, then uses them for the purposes of protesting and/or simply not showing up, leaving this useless former reality TV star with a lot of seats to fill with his paid rent-a-crowd company.

    Then make sure you call all of your liberal, minority friends and suggest they do the same. Or just make some signs an stand outside and cause a ruckus. Make sure the world knows tonight that sane, intelligent Americans don’t support this ignorant Nazi fascist pile of bad wig excrement.

    • Linda

      Donald Trump is the only one that can save this America right now we’re in a world of trouble Cruz is a liar Hillary Clinton should be imprisoned Bernie Sanders is a communist and KasicKasich I don’t know what he’s doing there so you better grab hold of the train and get on board

  • commonsensesd

    Trump says we should be weary of Muslims coming from war torn areas of the world where brainwashed suicide bombing is a martyr. Meanwhile America can see what the stupid decisions leaders of European Union are making is doing to their own countries.
    Trump says we should enforce the laws of our country that protects our borders, just like every other country in the world.
    Trump says we should barter trade deals like businessmen instead of political hacks who have no experience or careless for our country.
    Trump says we should take care of our vets .
    Trump says we should not allow move on .org or other communist organizations trample on our rights of free speech.

    The media, political hacks, liberal fools, lobbyists and wall street are all surging together to smother out the middle class.
    We are nearing a point that NO ONE trusts the media, not fox or the left wing lunatics. Trump may not be to everyone’s liking but if he is the choice he is the choice. Let the process play out, if he is so terrible then beat him in the ballot box ,otherwise stand aside.

  • john Rivera

    Hi, I’d like to begin that we love everything is possible & respectfully I’d to comment. I am hispanic just like you & peacefully protest is good for the country regardless Mr. Trump have said let give example that we are better than what he thinks. Regardless your status weather legal or iligal in the country. Let protest peacefully under the law and let our voice heard but again under the law. There are few & let be thoughfull that few organization are to do harm but we hispanic deserve better and be proud, protest yes democracy but remember under the laws of this country that has given many opportunities to all of us. Lets do the right thing. Do not block roads, do not fight be proud protest peacefully. With all do respect to all citizen including Mr. Trump’s views.

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