Protesters clash with SLC police outside Trump rally

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Video clips captured outside the Donald Trump rally in Salt Lake City Friday night shows protesters in a shoving match with officers in riot gear.

In the video, the protesters can be heard shouting "Trump Stinks!"

In another clip, protesters appear to tear down a security tent and can be heard yelling "Shut it down!"

The clips were captured by FOX News correspondent Peter Doocy. Later Friday night, things calmed down in the vicinity as the rally ended and the crowds ultimately dispersed.

FOX 13 also received a report of rocks being thrown at people exiting the Infinity Event Center, where Trump made his first appearance in Salt Lake City this campaign season.

FOX 13 News' Lauren Steinbrecher spoke with protesters and police about their take on Friday night's events, see below for her report.

"Like I said, overall, you know our officers were on standby, we were just hoping everything was peaceful, and, no problems whatsoever, and fortunately it turned out just as we anticipated," said Det. Cody Lougy with the Salt Lake City Police Department.


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  • Tom Truther

    Why do Liberal immoral degenerate losers hate free speech? They support pervert, communist sociopath Hillary who, like Obama, is on a mission to destroy America, Democrat supporters are worse off than they have been for years…..


    • dlethe

      Why? Because these people (mostly liberal democrats and socialists) believe that the government knows best and prefer to be sheep that lets the government control their retirement, health care, education, banking, food that they are allowed to eat, the internet, and so on …

  • aaron

    Amazing what mindless xbox playing, non working youth with too much time on their hands will do for $10 in Soros
    food stamps.

  • Do West

    Ever report on the other side of the protestors/ Where they come from? Who is paying for buses bringing in some? The rfessioanlsl who travel US for one after another? just look at teh faces in protest after protest?

  • James Madison

    The Communists are raising their ugly heads. It is the job of the police to crack some of them.
    Expect more of the same as the election progresses apace, with the Bernie and Hillary Brownshirts becoming ever more violent.
    Restore America.
    TRUMP 2016

  • Janice Nunley Erickson

    How does Fox figure that that was a peaceful protest???? Yelling obscenities, throwing rocks!!,someone’s car got smashed , a cell phone got smashed, they rushed the tent trying to get in and shut down a Private event that Trump had paid for!!! That is not peaceful that is the act of thugs and they should have been arrested! Thugs have no right to shut down a private event paid for by Trump that we wanted very much to hear! Thank goodness for the SLC police department!! Why all the media coverage of those racist hoods and not of the supporters who do not put words in his mouth??? By the way not all of Utah likes Romney there are quite a few of us who DON”T like him but do you see us acting like hoodlums?? NO!! And you acting like Trump meant to say he would rather not be here are just as bad as those protesters putting words and intentions in his mouth! There are more of us supporters than you think and every time you thugs protest and the media distorts it makes us stronger and brings a few more over to our side!!!!!! Trump2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobby

      Fox 13 is a bias media tool just like all the other tools! Their coverage is mind blowing! Read the article on the Bernie Sanders rally versus the wording used to describe the Trump rally. I am boycotting Fox13 once this is all over and done but for now we need to stand up to the bullies and fight for OUR freedom of speech, which includes freedom to listen to people like Trump as well. We also need to continue to call out the BS Fox 13 is feeding the masses!

    • Utes4life!

      Nope it was all democrat supporters. They stood on the north side of 600 south directly across from the venue, then pushed forward to the trump supporters. The democrat protestors were the ones yelling obscenities and had large signs with the same. Democrat protestors preach that they are for peace, equality and so on, but then they demonstrate with the actions and behavior that they represent the complete opposite! How hypocritical. Way to keep it “classy” dem. Protestors!

  • Buzz

    Watch the old witch Hillary lie. Well worth the few minutes to view.

    The Clinton’s are racist.
    “A few years back, this guy [Barack Obama] would be serving us
    — Bill Clinton (democrat) in a conversation with Senator Ted Kennedy (democrat)

    • Honest John

      ONLY 13 minutes??? She must have been taking a break or something. Seriously good post though – not that any Hillary supporter hasn’t already checked their integrity at the door.

  • Chuckiechan

    I think we should stop selling them “Trump protestors” and call the “Soros forces” or “ forces” for accuracy.

    • Honest John

      IF they EVER show, it will be to provide support for the Democrat goons – seriously, as bizarre as that sounds. Just days ago the MSM was in well synchronized harmony blaming the thuggery on Trump in spite of the OBVIOUS evidence to the contrary. Nothing is suprising anymore.

  • nueone

    Our Constitution warns us of the DOMESTIC ENEMIES of our Liberty and Freedoms. There can never be universal harmony with those who trespass on our American Rights.

    • babydriver

      Well, we have been being ruled by the domestic enemy for quite some time now.
      They are in all branches of government.

  • Churyl Minne

    What you see is the desperation of the left that is only going to intensify in the fall if Trump is nominated. Their masters know full well that Trump has a good chance of beating Hillary. The establishment is worried.

  • Honest John

    Anyone older than say 70 has already seen this movie as Hitler’s brown shirts and Stalins red hordes pounded the life out of their opposition.

    The Democrats have learned well how to employ thugs to shut-down their infidels while keeping their fingerprints off of the weapons. They’ve learned well, in fact are better, than the Bolsheviks and Hitlerites in using the media to pound home their “fear and smear” campaign to discredit any semblence of an alternate view.

    On the good side, so far we are still free to think and act however they think we should without being beheaded or imprisoned – well maybe on that last one as they have politicized the IRS and DOJ and condone an unrestrained POTUS, aka a King or demagogue.

    Cynical view?? Maybe, but I really don’t think so. Maybe a tad optimistic as demagoguery typically spreads like wildfire as it seems to be doing now.

  • Cozad

    All the protesters in EVERY state are just drugged out, brain dead people who are ripe for the culling by the elites.
    Just remember what the Georgia guide stones say…..

  • Daniel Wetsel

    Dennis Potter, representing the group Socialist Alternative and Bernie supporter, a philosophy professor at Utah Valley U
    Students for a Democratic (ha!) Society
    the creme de la creme of the Demonrat Party

  • John Carran

    Someone tell me why these criminals are not spending a few nights cooling off in jail. “Clashing with police” is a crime. Why are the police not allowed to do their job any more. They need rubber bullets, tasers, water hoses, and batons.

  • Dora Gourley

    You have to ask yourself what are these losers afraid of Donald Trump for? Oh, I get it, afraid they may lose all the free stuff and have to go to work like the rest of us do!

  • Idaho Jim

    “Mr. Trump is the only candidate that has publicly expressed his support of our mission and our agents. He has been an outspoken candidate on the need for a Secure Border and for this we are grateful,” said a statement from Art Del Cueto, president of Local 2544 of the National Border Patrol Council, the representative of 18,000 agents.

    • ElHombre

      This is flat out nonsense, union style. Several Republican candidates promised increased border enforcement including adding personnel to the Border Patrol.

      Do the Donald and his idolaters tell the truth about anything? He is Hillary with a combover who lies about everything.

  • ElHombre

    Young people don’t remember Hitler’s Brown Shirts and aren’t taught western history anymore.

    This is exactly what they did to political opponents, break up rallies and speeches with obstruction and thuggish behavior. Democrats are fascist enablers.

  • Thomas J. Wentzel


  • trump supporter

    All these wacko protestors make me want to vote for him because so many people hate him. Hmmmph.

    • bob

      That’s pretty much where I’m at, too. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The only alternatives are Cruz (the Christian version of ISIS), a burned out old hippie communist, a Saul Alinsky trained gangster, and an assortment of Establishment types who got us in this mess in the first place. I’d literally WOULD vote for Hitler over any of that freakshow.

  • David

    Obviously…some people don’t know the meaning of peaceful protest. Grow up people…seriously!!! I don’t like any of the Democrats…especially Hillary! But you won’t see me clashing with Police at her political rally. You all are just making yourselves look like a bunch of idiots out there. If you can’t protest peacefully…the stay home!!! The Police have their hands full as it is without you idiots adding to their workload.

  • Martin P

    I find it interesting, some folks wish to exercise their rights, by denying others their rights because they disagree with their choice. That is why we have elections, When Trump wins , learn to live with it. If he doesn’t, then party on if that is your choice. You don’t get to decide for them.

  • freewilltwo

    they’re pretty worried they wont be able to sit around living off other peoples income if Trump wins, heaven forbid they have to get a job and pay for their own existence

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