Protesters clash with SLC police outside Trump rally

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Video clips captured outside the Donald Trump rally in Salt Lake City Friday night shows protesters in a shoving match with officers in riot gear.

In the video, the protesters can be heard shouting "Trump Stinks!"

In another clip, protesters appear to tear down a security tent and can be heard yelling "Shut it down!"

The clips were captured by FOX News correspondent Peter Doocy. Later Friday night, things calmed down in the vicinity as the rally ended and the crowds ultimately dispersed.

FOX 13 also received a report of rocks being thrown at people exiting the Infinity Event Center, where Trump made his first appearance in Salt Lake City this campaign season.

FOX 13 News' Lauren Steinbrecher spoke with protesters and police about their take on Friday night's events, see below for her report.

"Like I said, overall, you know our officers were on standby, we were just hoping everything was peaceful, and, no problems whatsoever, and fortunately it turned out just as we anticipated," said Det. Cody Lougy with the Salt Lake City Police Department.


  • Cindy Scott

    Donald Trump comes to Salt Lake City Utah to hold a rally, and what does he get? Protesters that want to make every one in the State look bad. Right now I live in a community that is struggling, jobs are lost on a daily basis, we wish Mr Trump good luck on the race for President. As I see it, when the wall is constructed that will create jobs. And with out a job I can’t support all the people who are on welfare but there again let’s all go on welfare it will brake the government no one working no money going into the government coffers. So everyone that is getting government hand outs you better hope Mr Trump wins so you can keep you subsidized life style. Mr. Trump may not be the President you want but I think he is the President that America needs!

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  • James

    So does this mean Trump will roundup Illegal Immigrants like he said? Well that’s if he becomes president.

  • Ramesh

    f***ng retarded leftists ( == communist fascists ) aka “peacefull protesters” … ther are not even humans, they are not even animals, they are literally the scum of this earth….

    Seriously .. Americans are the most gullable people on this planet. They have been subwerted by communism and they stull dont even have a clue !!
    Learn from us Indians ! We had this attack on us too ( and it seems to be starting again)! Go do some research, there are many former KGB’s who have defected have come out to warn people ! And all they said is NOW REALITY in the US ! US is literally the posterchild of a succesfull subversion !

    Seriously, this is no joke, WAKE THE F**** UP !!

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