John Kasich holds three town halls in Utah Friday

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Republican presidential candidate John Kasich held his first town hall in Utah Friday afternoon at Utah Valley University in Orem.

During his Orem town hall meeting, Kasich spoke about his belief in fiscal responsibility and keeping a balanced budget, touting his record in Washington.

"Mark my words, Hillary Clinton will campaign this fall on the Clinton economy. Am I right, Mike? She's gonna go around and say her husband did it. I'm gonna tell you who did it: it was the troublemakers led by Newt Gingrich, me as Budget Committee Chairman, the Republicans in the House and Senate who hadn't been in charge for 40 years who created dynamioc for economic growth, and forced Clinton to sign a balanced budget agreement. "

Kasich held two more town hall events in Utah Friday - a 3 p.m. event at the University of Utah and a 5:30 p.m. event at Davis High School in Kaysville.

Kasich currently places third in a Fox 13 News Facebook poll.

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    • Good Lord

      Exactly talking about throwing your vote away. Anyone voting for this man should not be involved in politics. Unless they are getting a check from the GOP.

  • Lin Hart

    I am hoping that Utah voters do their homework and look into Kasich’s actual record, not his town hall speeches…Here’s some starters: “John Kasich Didn’t Do What He Said He Did,” by Matt O’Brien, or “Gov. Kasich has a secret,” by M. Johansen, or “The Incredible Smugness of John Kasich,” in Newsweek. THen you will understand why no one voted for him….He complains that no one knew who he was until now…really? Is that why Ben Carson managed to get twice as many votes and delegates as phony Kasich??? That should tell people something as welll,.,,

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