Polls: Choose your pick for Republican or Democratic nominee

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    • Techie

      Trump will be an absolute disaster for this country. I do not think he will make it past the democratic nominee though – which is even worse. Look at the polls. He always loses to the democrat.

      Wake up people! What kind of judges do you think Trump will put on the Supreme Court? With his past history of supporting very liberal big government socialist democrats do you really think he is going to put someone like Antonin Scalia on the court. We need a very strong constitutional conservative to replace Antonin Scalia or this country will go down the liberal socialist big government control path and never recover.

      Cruz is the only way this country survives. We need someone who will follow the constitution. Trump thinks he can do it all himself because he is so great. This country is not great because of a president it is great because of the people. But, this country can be destroyed by a bad president like Trump or one of the democrats.

      Please, wake-up people! We need to restore the constitution to its rightful place and put constitutional conservatives on the Supreme Court.

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  • Hillary Clinton

    My special interest groups already paid for the election, it is a mere formality. I won!!
    -Hillary Clinton

  • west Martin

    Bob of all Bob ,who did you choose man tell the truth you mean trump? and to hillary Yes since your name is Hillary you choose Hillary because you are her follower anyway I am for trump since the very beginning and I predict it he the president .

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