Trump: ‘I won’t be there’ for Fox News debate in Salt Lake City

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump campaigns in Sioux City, Iowa on January 31, 2016.

Donald Trump said Wednesday morning he will not be at the GOP presidential primary debate next week in Salt Lake City.

“I will say this. I will say this. I think we’ve had enough debates. We’ve had 11 or 12 debates. I did really well in the last one. I think I’ve done well in all the debates. I mean, according to Drudge and everybody else, I won the debates. But I think we’ve had enough. How many times can the same people ask you the same question? So I was very surprised when I heard that Fox called for a debate. Nobody told me about it and I won’t be there, no,” Trump said in a telephone interview on Fox & Friends.

Trump said he was already scheduled to give a speech for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

When asked if he would “consider reconsidering,” Trump said he “wouldn’t mind going to the debate,” but reiterated that he thinks there have been enough debates.

The Fox News Channel debate is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Monday at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Utah GOP officials tell FOX 13 the debate will be held regardless of Trump’s planned absence.

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      What would he say that he hasn’t already said T, and are you silly enough to believe everything politician say in front of a camera?


    Trump is so unpolitically correct. We’ve had enough of these debates 8 months before the election. The thing that scares the professional politicians is that they can’t lead him around by a cord in his nose the way they do everybody else. Good for him!!

  • Gary

    America has a HUGE drug problem! 90% of the cocaine here comes through our southern border; 80% of meth and heroin here comes through our southern border!
    America has a HUGE illegal migrant problem! 81% of illegal migrants favor Democrats because they are coming from big government countries and Democrats favor big government. Consequently, as illegal immigration continues, Republican ideals lose! This is why people who want to give more political power to the left want this crime to continue.

    However, the wealthiest exploiters really don’t care much about Dems vs Reps, or that our children have easy access to drugs, but they DO care about cheap labor! THEY are the establishment; THEY fund the media and candidates from BOTH parties; and THEY will do anything to maintain the status quo that is benefiting them so much!

    Please, we NEED to vote for Trump because he is one of the very few candidates in recent history who isn’t another paid-for stooge looking to sell us out (BTW, we would be in better shape today if Ross Perot had won), and he is the only one who will have an absolute mandate to build the wall and secure our border. The establishment has been fiercely trying to derail his campaign for those very reasons!

  • Gary

    The problems with illegal migrants is that our emergency rooms are constantly full with them (I am a nurse so I know), the tremendous harm to our children’s education (my wife is a school teacher so she knows), the welfare costs (my nephew is a social worker so he knows), the destruction of middle class jobs (I worked in construction for 20 years so I know this too), the increased gangs/drugs/crime (my cousin was a police chief so he knows), and so many neighborhoods being destroyed (I lived in a poor one and watched it turn into an illegal migrant, gang infested, drug hole over the course of 15 years; and until any of these corrupt politicians living in their gated communities experience something like that, their rhetoric means less than zero to me).

    Despite misleading info and cherry-picked statistics by illegal migrant supporters (exploiters and sympathizers), that’s the reality where the rubber meets the road!

    If the epic fail politicians had listened to their constituents, rather than all of the wealthy exploiters, and done something to stop illegal immigration when it started in earnest back in the 1960s, we wouldn’t have this problem. We would have more legal, middle class immigrants strengthening our working class and contributing to our society instead!

  • Gary

    The “Establishment” are the wealthy elites who fund and control the media and both political parties (Dems vs Reps do not matter to them). That’s why America continues to be sold out to corporate and foreign interests, is overwhelmed by cheap illegal migrant labor, racks up debt, is perpetually in wars, and continues down the path to bankruptcy with no change in sight.

    For example, Obamacare was just another corporate empowerment (of insurance, hospitals, pharma) at the expense of taxpayers (the middle class in particular). As always, I’m sure the politicians got their palms greased a little to sell out their fellow Americans. My wife and I now spend about $5,000/year more on health insurance than we did 8 years ago and are required by law to do so.

    If a candidate who isn’t a paid-for puppet actually might be elected, the Establishment always utilizes its resources to stop them. This is what we see them doing with Trump. However, Trump is unique in the fact he has tremendous resources and an incredible ability to handle a corrupt press (Ross Perot had the resources but could not handle the press like Trump).

    • Bobby

      Couldn’t agree more, our small business had to increase all health insurance policies to cover the Obamacare mandate. This meant policies went from $300-400 a month to just under $1,000 a month! I cringe at the Obamacare propoganda commercials they run showing the REAL insurance premium and then it gets slashed to show the TAX PAYER funded new rate! Talk about selling a hoax to the consumer!

  • Gary

    American media is a democracy-destroying institution of propaganda as it exists today. I recommend searching for and watching the video “The Untruth about Donald Trump” to observe how the media has lied about Trump and fooled so many.

  • Gaar

    More like a town hall meeting. If no Trump, then Cruz will be alone. Kasich is hoping for some dirty dealing at the convention. But it will give Kelly some more time to dump on Trump.

  • Zamora

    I think this presidential election has been a joke. It’s sad slandering used to be considered immoral and unethical and now its all you see. I feel all the candidates do is bash one another. What are we showing our kids, it’s ok to bash and target others weakness’. I’m sick of hearing them talk about each other and not focusing more on what they will do to help change America for better. And showing instead of telling us about plans they have and how their idea is better. We are sending the wrong message to the younger generation. Now that’s what we need to change😍

  • Bobby

    Just curious, anyone know off hand how many Democrat debates we have had versus Republican? Doesn’t it bother everyone the manner in which the media covers one party versus the other? Doesn’t that speak to people?


    In the first comment above “T” says dump Drumpf. Apparently Mr. Trump is smart enough not to waste time and money trying to change T’s mind. I’m starting to like Trump more and more.

  • greg

    Utah is worship to mitt romney.. LOL if i am his shoes. i wont debate because 12 time debate is good enough,

  • Cagey

    Trump knows he can’t debate without having 17 other people on the stage. One on One he gets exposed for having no policy. Drudge said he won? In an online poll that you could enter as many votes as you wanted? In a poll where Trump was winning before the debate even started? Does he think we are that naive?

  • Rick Smith

    Well Praise the Lord! Trump should have said enough’s enough six debates ago.
    The dog and pony shows have burned me out. Let’s get on with the primaries,
    and November, when Donald Trump and the America people can send that lying witch
    and her degenerate husband back from whence they came.


    Why would Trump want to come to a state where people think Mitt Romney (a Bush Family lapdog and Monsanto man) walks on water? Utah will go with Trump in the end anyway if Trump is the one running against that POS Clinton. The truth is that too many folks in Utah don’t have a real clue about what is really happening in government or politics. They are a bunch of sheep. Some are awake or are waking up to what is going on.

  • Chuck Briggs

    Tiny Hands is terrified to debate Senator Cruz and with good reason.

    S0R0S-‘TlNY HANDS’ 2016!
    (b/c they put on a swell phony ri0t in Chicago and for some reason that makes them qualified.)
    Latest shenanlgans of Ge0rge S0r0s and his hand puppet, ‘Tlny Hands’:
    Tlny Hands cried, “We don’t need anymore debates. waaahhhhhh.”
    Tlny Hands was quietly wetting his Under00s at the thought of going man0 y man0 with the only real conservative in the race and in fact, the only MAN in the race, Senator Cruz.
    In a desperate attempt to wrap this up before having to face the greatest c0nservative of the past 100 years, Trump phoned his old pal Georgie S0r0s and Georgie came up with an idea. “Hey Trump. How bout the old ph0ny riot pl0y. As st00pid as ur supporters are, they’ll buy it hook, line and sinker.” And of course, he was right, as usual.
    In other news: More coming in on RIC0 statute lawsuits against the longtime partners in crlme, George S0r0s and Tlny Hands Trump:

  • freewilltwo

    debates are staged to sabotage, ..Trumps smart enough to not fall in their trap, The Media, the Rhinos, the Democrats, all are trying to stop him,.. from stopping them

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