Utah congressman explains Trump-Mussolini comparison

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Congressman Chris Stewart doesn't think Donald Trump is entirely like Benito Mussolini, but he's not backing off the comparison he first made a week ago.

"My response was to a very specific thing that Mr. Trump has said," Stewart said.

Mussolini created the Fascist Party in Italy in 1919, according to www.biography.com. He eventually made himself dictator prior to World War II.

The Mussolini-like statement: "...that he will order military members to target civilians, particularly the wives and children of terrorists. Well, we don't do that," Stewart said.

Note the first person plural "We" used by Stewart?

That's because Stewart served as an Air Force B-1 Bomber pilot.

Trump made the statement about targeting terrorist families on Fox News in January.

"When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families," he said.

Stewart said the statement undercuts America's strength, which lies as much in moral authority as in firepower.

"That's the only way we can lead, and it's the only way we can be the example that we've been for more than 200 years from now," Stewart said.

The dictionary defines fascism as a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.


    • Trenton Spears

      Congressman Chris Stewart the protester’s at Chicago are Fascist and you can through in yourself in the mix. You must have failed History. Shame on you for your misguided comment. I am an American that supports Donald Trump along with millions of others. Good luck in your next elections. Utah needs more street sweepers. Trenton Spears

  • bob

    Obama does it all the time. But he doesn’t target our enemies. He targets HIS enemies.

    The Establishment is scared, and their rhetoric is getting more and more shrill as a result.

    • freewillig

      “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

      google: ‘trump they’re not sending their best’ for all the reference and context you’d like.


        Mexicans aren’t a race you moron. Kinda like saying Americans or Canadians are a race you fool. They are an ethnicity you clown.
        Your mommy is calling you now FREEWILLIG. Run along home and ask her what an ethnicity is.

      • freewillig

        If you want to have a semantic argument, that’s fine. Race does not exist except as a social construct. So, if you change the word “racist” to “bigoted” in your original question, my response is appropriate.


        Humans fall into one of four primary races: Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid and Australoid. You’ve overplayed your faxu racist card Freewillig. No semantics son, just fact. Now that you’ve demonstratied your ignorance all you can do is dig your hole deeper.
        No one is impressed with your phony attempt to paint yourself as a superior individual. You ain’t.

      • Al Willig

        Yep, well done. Change the argument if you like. The physical differences between the races are so small that it makes any discussion of there being different races moot. Race, as it is used in common conversation is a social construct and scientists consider any physical differences as inconsequential. So, Trump may not be a racist by any scientific definition but is he a bigot? There are hundreds of examples. I’m not trying to paint myself as anything; just engaging in debate.


        @AL WILLIG
        When you aren’t dealing with a race related issue it is hard to be accused of racism. Slower learners need to take the Racism Class 101 before misusing the term. Idiot.

  • Elaine Maltby

    And the terrorists are the ones threatening to target the family of our military!! Good to know that Stewart is up for re-election, I want to find out if he is in my area and I will vote for anyone but him, don’t need his type of representation.

  • Trenton Spears

    Another BOB You have made such a stupid statement Mexicans used to be called a race years ago they changed the name to Hispanics to include all of Mexico, Central and South America. If you look at most Medical, Voting and Census applications they all asked what race you are on a check off list. Hispanic is one of them. Get educated and then comment. Trenton Spears

      • Trenton Spears

        AnOTHERBOB You are skirting the issue. I was at a hospital just today and a friend of mine was filling out his admission papers. On those papers it clearly asked what race he was it was plain as day. This is done all over this nation so please stop the nonsense Hispanic is a race period it is on the forms and people use it. Trenton Spears


        Mexicans are descended from Spanish settlers and therefore are white. Google it Trenton. Can you say “ethnicity”.

      • freewillig

        Yes, and they’re also descended from Aztecs and Mayans. Neither of which addresses the issue of whether or not Donald Trump is a bigot and if it’s ok with the citizens of this country having a person of his ilk in the White House.

  • Trenton Spears

    Eric Anderson You refuse to look at the facts. Hispanics are a race and it is listed on most medical forms, voting forms and census forms these are true facts. Ethnicity is just another word for race so what is your issue confusion? You won’t find any Hispanic checking off their race as white most are proud of their heritage time to move on. Trenton Spears

      • Trenton Spears

        FREEWILLING. First there is no difference between race or ethnicity they are the same. Second Donald Trump is not a fascist, bigot or a threat to the racial make up of this Nation. Trump wants jobs for American Citizens he wants to keep Americans first over illegal immigrants breaking the law and becoming a threat to financial stability of the Country. Trump believes in immigration and supports all legal immigration done by waiting for legal procedures of obeying the law. We know why Democrats refuse to address the illegal immigrant issue it is for the voting booth illegal does not matter this is pure un-American.

      • freewillig

        There is, most certainly, a difference between race and ethnicity. But, it’s not important to this discussion. You’ve offered no reasoning for why Trump is not a fascist, bigot or a threat to the ethnic makeup of this country. Just saying a thing doesn’t make it so. He wants to deport 11 million and not allow Muslims into the country. By definition, that would change the ethnic makeup of the country. If you want to witness financial instability in this country, deport 11 million people doing mostly job that most Americans do not want. The country is now back to what is considered full employment after the Great Recession. I am curious as to what jobs illegal immigrants are taking that an otherwise employable American would be applying for.

      • freewillig

        My only ideology is “live and let live”. Honestly, I can’t even imagine why you think I’m a liberal. I’m anti-Trump. I think I have a pretty good handle on what Trump stands for. Protectionism doesn’t work in a global economy. It didn’t even work in the 1800s. It won’t work if Sanders is elected either. But mostly, I think Trump stands for Trump.


      You stated that Trump made racist remarks about Mexicans and as I’ve pointed out that isn’t possible because Mexicans, just like Canadians, are not a race but an ethnicity. A common misconception among the less learned.

      • Al Willig

        Yes, and I’ve acknowledged that largely inconsequential difference between racism and a more general term of bigotry which amounts to same problem. So, while he may not have uttered a single remark that can be classified as racism in the scientific realm of race, he has made many bigoted remarks which are accepted as racism in common vernacular. So, what is your point? That he’s not a bigot?

      • Trenton Spears

        I have never called Donald Trump a bigot on this blog and never will. I love him and support him for his fire in the belly to make this country great again If anyone is a bigot it is Hillary the liar Clinton she hates most white people because they stand in the way of socialisim. Trenton

  • Trenton Spears

    FREEWILLING Trump is winning the delegates from the will of the people I know you have a hard time with this and that is your choice. What is hard to do is debate people with closed minds and refusing to check out facts. Your are a rich on speculation but poor on facts. You are trying to hide your liberal views but you have not made your case believable in my opinion. Sincerely,
    Trenton Spears a true conservative that supports Trump for President

  • busseja

    What a dumb person this congressman is to think our military doesn’t target civilians. If the terrorist leader is in the compound we bomb the compound if we want to win. And recently Russia proved Trump right. They bombed the trucks and bombed the compound and the terrorists are now on the run. In the world of arab diplomacy one must remember that the butcher with the kindest heart has the sharpest knife. Our policies have kept this war going for close to 20 years now. The congressman is incorrect. His comments show marginal intelligence and less thought.

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