Customer with concealed carry permit kills hatchet-wielding attacker at 7-Eleven

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An attacker was shot and killed by a customer with a concealed carry permit in White Center, Washington. Image courtesy KCPQ-TV.

WHITE CENTER, Wash. — A man with a concealed carry permit reportedly shot and killed a man who entered a convenience store and began attacking people with a hatchet Sunday, and police said they are grateful the regular customer was present when the attack occurred.

According to KCPQ-TV in Seattle, the King County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 7-Eleven in White Center, Washington around 5:45 a.m.

A clerk at the store reported that a masked man entered the store and immediately began to swing a hatchet toward a customer before turning his sights on the clerk. The attacker did not speak during the attack, according to witnesses.

The clerk suffered minor stomach injuries, but at that time a customer armed with a pistol shot and killed the suspect. Police said the shooter doesn’t appear to have done anything wrong and they were happy he was present.

“Fortunately, because of this customer with his weapon, this could have been a lot worse,” King County Sheriff’s Sergeant Cindi West told KCPQ-TV. “…The clerk could be the one laying there dead on the floor right now.”

The clerk said the customer who fired his weapon is a 60-year-old Seattle man who visits the store daily, and the clerk reports the man was drinking his morning coffee when the attack began.

The identity of the attacker has not been released at this time. Visit KCPQ-TV for local coverage and updates on this story.


  • David Whittington

    This story warms my heart. This story touches on the 2nd Amendment and a speedy death penalty – issues Obama and Hillary and Diane Feinstein continually find themselves in the WRONG camp. I am glad this story has a happy ending. Most similar robbery stories don’t.

  • Tom Monroe

    That 7-11 is a half mile from my house. I go there to get coffee all the time. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the man who stopped this. That could have just as easily been me that you saved.

    • bob of all bobs

      Great, the ONE successful good guy with a gun story out of the hundreds of stories of those good guys with guns who actually shoot themselves or others shoot them with their own guns. How long did you have to wait for this rare story to come out before you could shove it in the faces of those liberals and say see I told you so. Sadly from a liberal standpoint we have to say it all the time.

      • phil

        Sorry Bob. You gotta search a bit more to get information, than MSNBC spoon feeds you. Good guys with a gun, are doing a great job, all over. It’s no longer a rare occurrence. Many are Cops. Many are private citizens. The action by the Conceal Carry person was a great example of bravery that just seems to get under your crawl. That’s ok, Bob. You can depend upon me to attempt to save your life, if you and I were in a similar situation. Yes. I’d even save a liberal. As for the shooter? He must now explain his actions to his maker. He may have been a Nut Case. Either way, he will never commit another crime against the community. My God. I love happy Endings!

      • Adron hester

        These stories happen every day many times over. The reason you don’t hear about them is they don’t fit into political correctness. The news media don’t consider good news as news worthy. Here is another bit of news, the fact that Florida passed Concealed carry stopped the tourist murder robbers at rest areas a few years ago. Good news isn’t news till you see it for yourself, because it doesn’t bleed enough to make news.

      • John Monahan

        There are more than “one” on a daily basis moron. No doubt you like to belittle the NRA but if you looked at their magazines every month at the Armed Citizen column you would see 6 to 7 instances every single month complete with recent dates, the media outlet reporting it and police agencies involved. It’s obvious you see no value in owning a gun for personal protection and your choice to be a victim is all on you and okay with me, but making a mockery of the millions who choose otherwise just exposes your ignorance.

      • Bob of Bobs

        you really should do some research and stop making stuff up.. you are giving all us Bob’s a bad name..

      • bob

        Thousands every year, not “one.” Very few incidents in which a citizen defends himself with a gun involve actual shooting. Showing the gun works 99% of the time, and the mere SUGGESTION that you’re armed will deter most predators.

        Nobody cares whether you carry a gun or not. In fact, if you’re that scared of them I strongly suggest you do not. But don’t presume to tell ME what I can or cannot do.

      • bob

        I’ve done it myself. I was downtown with my daughter, walking down a sidewalk past a bunch of homeless teens on Main Street. One of them started to follow us, and I became aware that he was saying a steady stream of the filthiest things imaginable to my daughter. She was terrified. I said, “Keep walking.” The kid, 16 or 17 probably, kept following.

        A light turned green for us to cross the street. I said, “Keep going and wait for me”, and I turned to face the kid, hand on my pistol inside my jacket, and blocked his path. He was clearly on drugs and really hadn’t even noticed ME, but he finally stopped and looked at me with a clueless look on his face.

        I just stared at him. He looked at my face, then at my hand inside my jacket, back to my face… hand…..

        After several glances back and forth I could see the light of reality dawn on him. He turned around and walked away.

        Twice I’ve narrowly missed being killed or wounded when murders occurred just before I went to a place, or just after I left. In both cases I know I could have made a difference. But only if I’d been armed.

        I also had a knife pulled on me downtown while walking to a company Christmas party at the Judge Cafe. It was night, and I was with my wife. A drunk Indian came out of an alley and said, “Are you a Mormon?” I said, “Does it matter?” He pulled a knife. That was BEFORE I carried, and all we could do was run. Not a nice feeling. Today I would have drawn and shot him instantly.

        This stuff is real. It happens all the time. IN ALL CASES of a state issuing carry permits to civilians there has been an immediate and very substantial reduction in violent crime against non-criminal victims. Predators prey on the weak, or those whom they perceive as weak. If they are armed, and they know civilians are not, then we are ALL potential prey. If, on the other hand, they have no idea who has teeth and who doesn’t they find something else to do.

      • liberalssuck

        actually boob of all boobs these stories happen all the time,you just turn a blind eye to them,much like your wife…..

      • Bob of all Bobs

        Only 277?
        Here’s a fact sheet for you all.
        Rather than being used for self defense, guns in the home are 22 times more likely to be involved in accidental shootings,
        From 2005-2010, almost 3,800 people in the U.S. died from unintentional shootings.
        So even based off of your numbers at 277 good gun stories per year it only adds up to 1,662.
        So using both of these numbers from 2005-2010 good guy with gun story 1,662 vs moron with gun 3,800.

      • Bob of all Bobs

        But if you guys want to base this off of 2014 I’ll make this easy for all you genius.
        So according to punkware there were 277 justifiable homicides by a private citizen with a gun in 2014. But what about accidental gun shootings from that same year? Didn’t want to pull that up? Ok, I’ll do it for you and share it with the rest of the class….
        Number of Deaths1 12,585
        Number of Children (age 0-11) Killed/Injured 626
        Accidental Shooting2 1,603

        your 277 vs 626 injured/dead children.
        Your 277 vs 1,603 accidental shootings.

        You’re welcome.

      • punkware

        “So using both of these numbers from 2005-2010 good guy with gun story 1,662 vs moron with gun 3,800.

        Dude — without those 1,662 people there would be at *least* another 1,662 innocent people dead by violence. That 1,662 number STOPPED a bad guy. You’re wanting to add another 1,662 innocent dead people to the rolls? Plus, we have no way of knowing whether the bad guys would have killed *multiple* people before the police showed up. That 1,662 innocent people saved could have been 2 or 3 times that number. Yet you think that they should be dead is okay?

        Say checkmate all you want, but your way of playing the game leaves too many innocent bodies laying around.

      • Buzz

        Of all of the shootings of blacks by blacks in places like Chicago and NYC, of shooting during robberies by the robbers, and mass shooting like in California, ect., how many were NRA members?

      • Noel

        It’s a good thing you carry a Depends undergarment for those times when you think you’re in the presence of an evil, satanic firearm. Otherwise that wee wee would just trickle down your skirt and stain your anklets.

    • t

      Oh he does exist, but the bad guy with a gun kills a lot more people and gets the spotlight a lot more often than the good guy. The good guy is hardly ever around when the bad guy with a gun goes on a rampage.

  • Crash_Test_Dhimmi

    Hmm, no identity of the attacker, not even a description, no mention of a motive… I wonder when they will actually release that it was a Muslim who did it? It matches similar hatchet attacks in the US and worldwide by the religion of peace, ISIS videos have been released telling fellow ROPers to engage in these sorts of attacks. The silence from the authorities is deafening.

    • Echo

      ummmm? maybe you might want to list “all” those recent hatchet attacks by muslims that your talking about?? so far i think i might have found “one” that was attributed to a muslim here in the us…..

      • bob

        I know, right? All the ones I’ve heard about have been guns or knives. Don’t know about any Muslim hatchet attacks so far.

        Perhaps hatchets are forbidden.

      • liberalssuck

        Awesome we have a muslim supporter here,lets all give him/her/it a big hand a buy him/her/it a plane ticket to the middle east where he/she/it can feel more at home with those he /she/it loves.


        The Muslims like genital mutilation for their wives and prefer taking down building with passenger airliners. Give it a rest sweetheart.

  • David

    Glad to hear that a customer legally carrying was in the store at that moment. Af far as I’m concerned, he legally shot the attacker hands down. He saved a lot of lives. Kudos to him.

  • liberalssuck

    oh no,the libs are going to hate this……
    They HATE seeing stories where guns SAVE lives
    Kind of puts a kink in their anti gun agenda.It’s a little harder to
    dominate an armed population.

    • whatsayyou

      I’m a “lib” and I love this story. No decent American likes crime, or the predators who commit it. This guy is a hero. See? Something we got in common. Imagine that.

  • Larry Ralphsalot

    Don’t take a hatchet to a gun fight. I am just waiting for some bleeding heart moron to pump up a civil suit against this guy. One thing King County is REALLY good protecting criminals and punishing law abiding citizens. Being a gun permit holder, it seems there are more places I CAN NOT take a gun than take. Wackyattle, Washington.

  • Zac Eckstein

    Cue conservatives claiming this is proof that a “good guy with a gun” will solve the world’s problems. It’s fortunate that this reasonable man had a gun at this crazy moment to defend himself and others innocent people, but there are countless other times when some “good guy with a gun” shot the wrong person or went crazy and shot the “right” person on purpose. Guns lead to violence. Violence leads to death. Whether or not that death was justified doesn’t matter.

    • bob

      Most states now allow civilians to carry concealed weapons, and in all cases the result has been a HUGE decrease in violent crime.

      I live in the country with the most guns per capita, the state with the most guns per capita in that country, and the county with the most guns per capita in that state.

      It is a statistical, documented fact that my neighbors and I are the most heavily armed human beings on the planet. Given your “logic”, shouldn’t we have the highest murder rate?

      But the reality is that the Untied States barely cracks the top 20 worldwide for murder rate, not even the top 40 if you eliminate major cities with strict gun control, Utah has an unusually low rate by U.S. standards, and Tooele a much lower rate than liberal Salt Lake City.


      Those who will not carry a sword can still die upon them. And your “countless other times” is something you made up in your head because that’s how you want to believe the world works. That you are completely wrong doesn’t matter to you, because liberals don’t think. They “feel.” You “feel” frightened by inanimate objects that you don’t understand.

    • bob

      In your miniature brain a murder is just as wrong as self-defense?

      I can’t believe you just said that out loud. Most imbeciles at least attempt to conceal their stupidity.

  • Corey peil

    That’s 7-11 is a block away from my parents house. I was shocked to hear that it was attacked and I know all the cashiers there and the owner.

  • EdB

    All those parents who accidentally shot their kids, kids who shot their parents or good guys with guns who accidentally shot the guy being robbed can surely rest easy in their vindication now.

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