Learn how to be successful on Youtube from a verified expert

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YouTube expert Derral Eves is YouTube Certified which means he is an expert when it comes to the popular video site. Derral got involved with YouTube in 2006 and has enjoyed watching it grow. Utah has the second largest YouTube community in the world. Derral is an asset to people when it comes to marketing and has helped YouTuber's like The Piano Guys and Studio C. Derral will be speaking at CVX Live about maximizing your marketing on YouTube and improving your channel. He recently started another YouTube account called to Geekify Guys.


  • bob of all bobs

    It also helps when you got a ten-year head start in creating a YouTube channel. Getting a new YouTube channel started and notice was probably a lot easier in 2006 then it is in 2016.

  • Bob of all Bobs

    Like for example by brother and I started a youtube channel last year. Gave it six months, but failed. We followed all the recommendations on how to grow a youtube channel, watched countless videos on how to get views and how to get subscribers. But our channel never got notice no matter what we did. The reason, I think, was the fact that there was about a BILLION other users trying to do the same thing.
    In short it’s basically impossible to start a successful youtube channel these days when one is basically competing against countless big channels who have millions of viewers and have been around much longer.
    Sadly I think the ship has sailed YEARS ago on newbies having a fair equal shot of success on youtube.

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