Four minors in custody after armed robbery, high-speed chase

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MURRAY, Utah -- Four minors have been taken into custody in connection with an armed robbery and a high-speed chase in Salt Lake County early Friday morning.

It began shortly after 3 a.m. when police received a report of an armed robbery in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart store at 3100 S 5600 W in West Valley City.

Police said one suspect brandished a gun at a customer leaving the store, demanding the victim to hand over some unidentified personal property. According to a news release from the West Valley City Police Department, the victim ran away, but watched the suspect jump into a dark colored SUV before leaving the parking lot.

A WVCPD sergeant saw a dark colored GMC Envoy driving erratically near 4400 W 3100 S and attempted a traffic stop, but the vehicle failed to yield, the news release said.

Police said the suspects fled east on 5400 S, reaching speeds of up to 85 mph. The Envoy ran over spike strips placed by a Unified Police Department officers near 5400 S 1300 W, the news release said. As the Envoy drove under the I-15 overpass, it went over the median and struck a pole and two large boulders.

"They wrecked the vehicle under the freeway overpass and we were able to chase all four suspects on foot and safely detain them," said Lt. Blair Barfuss, West Valley City Police Department.

According to the news release, the Envoy had been listed as stolen from someone in Sandy. A search of the vehicle also yielded four handguns that were taken during home burglaries in Sandy.

One of the guns appears to be a World War II-era 9mm Luger handgun, which were carried by Nazi officers. It is unclear whether or not the Luger is authentic or a reproduction.

The suspects, three males and one female, were not identified because they are juveniles. All four were booked into juvenile detention under charges of aggravated robbery, possession of stolen vehicle, fleeing on foot, resisting arrest, possession of stolen gun (four counts), possession of drug paraphernalia. The driver also faces a felony charge of evading.

No one was injured in the incident.



    It is unfortunate that these vermin went to juvenile detention instead of the hospital or morgue. They cannot be rehabiltated and will continue to prey on decent people each and every time they get out of detention, jail, or prison from now until they die.

  • AnotherJohn

    I agree, this is repetitive cycle needs to be corrected. Our family was affected by a recycled violent criminal due to a lenient judicial system. Utah seriously needs to be put a solid rehabilitation program in place.

  • west Martin

    Those are shorties who came 7yrs ago and they both need to keep their identity because loosing it mean loose of gene and at least one has last name Hernandez.

  • Bob's common sense

    Luckily for them they didn’t pick the wrong victim, they could’ve very easily wound up with holes in their heads. Stupid kids stupid choices can wind up costing you your life.

    • wick308

      I have a question for you. So what you are saying is, you yourself would have dropped these juveniles if it was you being robbed. I am a combat veteran, and I can clearly say, that you have no idea what you would do. Unless you have been in that position. If you did light up those kids I can promis you, you will never live it down. You may be justified, but it will haunt your mind till you die.


        There are those with concealed carry permits who are proficient with the firearms they carry. The very first indication a gunman should have that you are carrying is when he sees the white/orange flame coming out of the barrel of your weapon of choice.

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