Donald Trump unaware of GOP event in Salt Lake City; says ‘we’ve had enough debates’

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SALT LAKE CITY -- In separate press events Thursday night and Friday morning, Donald Trump cast doubt on whether there will be a debate between Republican presidential candidates in Salt Lake City.

"I think we've had enough debates. How many times do you have to give the same answer to the same question?" Donald Trump told reporters in Florida.

One reporter questioned him specifically about the Utah debate, asking: "Just to be clear, you're not going to be in Salt Lake City on March 21st for this next debate?"

Trump's response was: "I didn't know there was a next debate."

Meanwhile, the Utah Republican Party tells FOX 13 News at least 50,000 people have requested tickets to the debate via their website, and they anticipate it will still happen in spite of what Trump is telling reporters.

"Everything that we have been told is that it's all systems go," said Bryan Smith, Executive director of the Utah Republican Party, adding "We are excited just like we were yesterday and the day before that. The candidates who are running for president will show up and participate in the debate."

The Utah Republican Party has yet to announce the location of the Salt Lake City debate or notify those who will receive tickets. Smith says those details will be made public, "Any day now."


  • Elephant 1

    Everyone that supports Donald Trump for President, let’s Tweet to let him know that Utah needs to see him upclose!
    Let’s fill one of the stadiums to the brim! Let’s make America Great Again!

    • 168IQ

      Trump is a moron that never answers the questions that he is asked. He’s pointless at the Debates and pointless to try to run for president.

    • Undecided in az

      Respect your opinion however before we blame donald we really need to look at the media and the other candidates. Example: trump did not say he wasnt going to let muslims in he said that we needed to stop until we have a system that correctly vets the people coming in. Yet Cruze, the media and Rubio criticize him for not letting them in. If you are going to use someone’s words as a quote you need to use the whole statement not pick and choose which words you want to use so it means something else. I blame the 3 above for most of the chaos for how they are misrepresenting the spoken words.

      • Jean Sha

        they have told these illegal mexicans that we are KKK & we plan to take over america & get rid of ALL THE BROWN PEOPLE to make america white again

        they are scaring these people so much now with this propaganda against trump& his supporters just this week alone there were numerous incidents of mexicans coming to the homes of Trump supporters vandalizing their homes & threatening them the one man they told him they will bust a cap in his racist ass and they pulled a gun on him..t

        he rednecks friend ran into his own home & came running out with his own gun & its sheer luck they all didnt die there..

        an old woman had her home also vandalized the spray painted threats on it & took her trump signs..

        a poll worker pulled gun out in polling location in a school he was so mentally unhinged and he took the ballot box and was reading peoples ballots ..
        trump supporters at rallies are being attacks & spat on by blacklies matter & berniebros paid socialist agitators & we need to restore law & order to our country because this is totally unacceptable behavior & wait until cleveland because black lies matter has been planning to “shut that down” since BEFORE Trump was even running for president..
        its BEEN their plan to shut the GOP down & ensure hillary can continue this socialist reign of terror on the american people..
        this media is fomenting an environment of hate and so is Hillary by telling people police arresting violent felons is racist & teaching criminals that they are the “VICTIMS OF RACIST WHITE OPPRESSION”
        we trump supporters are the new nazi party& they better stop us at any cost because we want to make slaverly legal & put gays back in closets..they are going to get people KILLED its just a matter of time..the HATE SPEECH & INCITEMENT IS COMING FROM THEM NOT THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS..we are just exercising our constitutional rights to elect a new president and they are trying to get us all KILLED saying this foolish & inciteful’ things that they know are NOT true…

    • Jean Sha

      you mean the violence of the socialists & black thugs lives matter..thats whos violent when is the last time you saw REPUBLICANS RIOT..get real are you high?

  • Dennis Kappen

    Useless to have more debates, we have heard all the memorized sound bites over and over. No one has put forth a,” plank,” in their,” platform,” as candidates used to do. The GOP deserves this shamefull freak show for the way Boener and the boys did bussiness the last eight years. Let’s shut down the country indeed, maybe we should do it permanentlt.

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