LaVoy Finicum widow to file lawsuit against Oregon authorities

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah– The widow of LaVoy Finicum says she plans to file a wrongful death, civil rights lawsuit against Oregon authorities.

Jeanette Finicum spoke with the media today at the Washington County Building in St. George. Finicum said the deadly shooting was not justified.

“My family and I reject the biased, whitewash findings and conclusion reported yesterday,” Finicum said.

The Malheur District Attorney’s Office concluded that LaVoy Finicum was shot by Oregon State Patrol troopers during a roadblock in January. He was riding with a group of individuals who were occupying Maheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The widow told the media her team of attorneys and investigators have proof that the roadblock was a set up.

“I believe, my family believes, my lawyers believe that this evidence will 'shock the conscience,” she said.

Finicum claims investigators used selectively edited video to show her husband reaching for a loaded gun. In an uncut version, Finicum said, her husband was walking away from the truck with his hands up.

“A man to the right of the video obviously fired some projectile at him. Immediately he leaned over to his left hip area where it appeared some projectile hit him,” Finicum said.

She said investigators left him in the snow for 10 minutes because they knew the three shots into the back killed him.

Brett Tolman, the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Utah, said this is a unique case. Although the county attorney ruled the shooting justified, the Department of Justice is stepping in to investigate FBI agents who admitted to firing at LaVoy Finicum twice.

“The greater concern though is, why would an individual lie about firing their weapon? And then did others know and are they covering for him?” Tolman questioned.

Finicum said Tuesday was the first time she watched the video that was shot by one of the occupiers, Shawna Cox. She believes it clearly shows how law enforcement could have ended the confrontation peacefully.



  • Paul

    The only reason that the State Of Oregon is turning blame to the FBI is because they made a law that prohibits prosecution of Federal Agnencys if they kill someone in a shooting! Clearly we see Lavoy Finicum was responding he was going to see the Sheriff if they wanted to shoot him go ahead he says. It’s his blood on their hands. Clearly the truck was getting shot at when he was entering the road block and had no choice to try to go around to avoid getting people killed. The he did the bravest thing! He ran out of the vehicle to direct fire away from it. Clearly with his hands up saying go ahead , shoot me!! I think Lavoy would think that these men would have come to their senses and arrested him. It was also clearly stated that he didn’t have any weapons on him from three people. The State and Government clearly wanted to stop them from trying to teach citizens of there Constitutional rights. I’m from the Constitution State and I can tell you, I will never go to Oregon! They could have followed him to the sheriff’s and told the Sheriff they had warrants for their arrest which would speared Blood ahead. I can’t even see what they did wrong since federal property belongs to the tax payers?? If you ask my opinion, this was clearly murder! I don’t know how well educated people are in Oregon, but you just don’t shoot people going to a law enforcement agency. They knew who they were and where they lived. They just can’t have the people learning the truth. This is why Donald Trump is winning! The Governments and States think we are all really stupid!!

    • Anotherbob

      Thanks for your post Paul, your rant was the text equivalent of projectile diarrhea and we are all that much dumber to have read it. You are clearly delusional and believe it all went down as you want to believe it did, as your accounts for every part of the shooting hold no basis in reality. His wife will be shut down and lose her lawsuit, and even if the feds are guilty of misconduct it won’t matter… as this was all a result of an illegal armed takover.

      • Paul

        Ok Mr Leftist, This wasn’t an invasion of our country nor a homes evasion. It neither was a robbery. Your leftist delusional thoughts amaze me. These were citizens that were having a protest not selling drugs to kid. Your arm take over wouldn’t even hold water in a Junvinal Court. They were people exerciseing there second amendment right for trespassing. Your coward Sheriff who is so unconstitutional should have imeadatley arrested them for their trespassing on federal property. If they refused to listen to the officer he then could have hit them with a lot more charges. Instead, you country idoits chose to carry on the issue wasting tax payer dollars. Moving in a army of Federal Officers which scared the community beyond belief. Then your Rambo Law enforcement choose to operate an operation that endangered the lives of officers and suspects. Remind you, trespassers! Where we need tactical units to arrest. Which resulted in the death of a man that said he was going to see another law enforcement agency. Here Officers could simply follow them with their lights flashing like OJ Simpson was! They then could have told the Sheriff we have warrants for their arrest and took them in custody. Instead your stupid, purely idiotic State and Federal choose an illegal manor for arrest!! With the Wife of this so called suspect is for sure going to get millions of dollars from the evidence alone from the video that it is not funny!! When a jury is explained what could be exercised within the law, it’s going to be a common sense verdict. It’s to late now to say it was justified!! Good luck paying you newly raised taxes in Oregon!! I’m happy I live in a state that uses common sense!!

  • bob

    If the Federal government had shot Code Pink for doing exactly the same thing then liberals would be howling for blood.

    Finicum was a patriot, and now a martyr. Said Patrick Henry: “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    • Paul

      He was Bob. I’m still trying to figure out what type of charges that considered him a danger. Protesting?? Trespassing?? Did it have trespassing signs? Clearly I can’t see any charges that you can put on this man that he was an immediate danger to the community??

  • bob

    What this means is that your right to peaceably assemble and protest is being resisted by the government with deadly force. Finicum never threatened anyone.

    What this means is that it is now reasonable to assume that the Stormtroopers are going to shoot you. Therefore, you should exercise the Second Amendment and proactively defense yourself. Don’t wait to be riddled with bullets. The Feds have amply and repeatedly demonstrated their policy that pro-Constitution protests are punishable by summary execution. Shoot first.

  • Troll_Herd

    Bob is seriously a fool. Tarp man ran from the police at a high rate of speed THEN tried to ram past a road block(assault W/ a deadly weapon.
    He then reached for a THIRD time for his gun & got got what he asked for.
    I’m not a liberal.

    • Paul

      Troll_Head. Did you see a gun raise in the video??? I didn’t! We can only fire when the gun is being pointed. These men were not even a position of evasion. The clearly were gathered around the vehicle. This shows to me they didn’t feel a threat. Also, the idiot that came out of the woods firing toward positioned officers is so stupid.. You don’t fire in the direction of fellow officers. I would have kicked his ass.. Listen. They didn’t have a reason to shoot. It is Supreme Court rulings that we can’t not block the way of passage.. They are going to get sued.. This is for sure, and it can run in the millions. The Finicum’s may own Oregon after his wife is finished.. I hate to be a tax payer in that state! This is what happens when you have uneducated Officers getting there training from Ronald McDonald. As far as I see it, I bet they barely made it out of high school… Very sad. Good luck Oregonains l!!

      • Troll_Herd

        Nice try but you are wrong. IF he would have listened and followed orders he would still be alive today – FACT!

  • Love Utah

    Oh come on Jeanette Finicum, Tell me he never hit you. He was looking to be a martyr and now you can now cash in on it for your bruises. Your welcome for my tax dollars.

  • AnotherBob

    They protested this all wrong, they should have walked the streets, bashing cars and looting businesses. Then they should have congregated outside the police department and hurled rocks and fire at the police station. They could then walk home without incident as they always do in the hood. Silly white men, so much to learn about our society today!

  • Bobs on drugs

    He was a crazy old man who ran a roadblock, and was reaching for his weapon. He deserved what he got. I am also not a liberal. Just a law-abiding citizen.

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