Period leave at work?

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A UK company now offers "period leave" in the workplace, so we brought in OB/GYN Dr. Burgett to discuss this new idea.  Hopeful that this will become a trend, Dr. Burgett also brought some reminders for when it comes to your menstrual cycle.

It's important to make a visit to your doctor if cramps begin to affect your daily life due to some conditions that could be related. For younger women it could be a sign of endometriosis or for older women it could point to adenomyosis.

For women who have normal menstrual cramps, some options to help are:

  • Take an anti-inflammatory a few days before menstrual cycle three times a day.
  • Use the things that usually make you feel better (essential oils,etc.)  a few days prior.
  • Hormonally manipulate period with birth control.


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  • analogismos

    i would happily trade time off with my female co-workers if i can stay home the week before their period leave.

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