Mom claims teachers put son in box as punishment

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ALHAMBRA, Ill. -- An Illinois mother tells KTVI teachers at her son's school crossed the line by placing a cardboard box around the 8-year-old as punishment for talking during class.


  • Mariana

    Subway you are feeling my son lives in so much trouble at school teachers with judges teachers would point at my son then I will you say bad things about him but they never said the good things about him just because he wears blue they assumed he was a gang member this was add a middle school my son has learning disabilities they all treated him like a animal worse than an animal

  • Pam K.

    Omg, boo hoo. Maybe if your son would stop his disruptive behavior when told, it wouldn’t have happened. No teacher is going to put up a divider wall after the first or even 5th offense. Here is another prime example of this age of entitlement that we live in. Why do parents these days attack the teacher instead of putting the child in their place??

  • Bud

    35 years ago our oldest son could not stay focused and talked too much in second grade in Montpelier, Idaho. His teacher, bless her heart, did the same thing. He sat on the front row with a view of the teacher and the blackboard. That was it. She had to remove the box a couple of weeks later. Not because anyone was going to sue but because all of the other kids in the class wanted a box as well. My son was diagnosed later, in Junior High, with ADHD by a very observant and caring school counselor. My how times change.

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