Gov. Herbert: ‘There’s room to criticize’ Trump, other GOP candidates

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SALT LAKE CITY — Shortly before Mitt Romney spoke about Donald Trump and the current presidential election cycle Thursday morning, Utah Governor Gary Herbert shared his own views with FOX 13.

“There’s a lot of frustration out there; I think that’s part of Donald Trump’s appeal. The other side of the coin is there’s a lot of frustration because of the rhetoric, the tone. There’s not been enough substance with the conversation,” Herbert said. “It’s kind of devolved into this food fight amongst the Republican candidates and I think that causes a lot of Republicans some anxiety.”

Herbert also suggested the American public should hold the candidates to higher standards.

“Everybody ought to say ‘Let’s review. What are we saying? What are we doing?’ And ‘We the People’ – why do we tolerate it? We ought to say ‘We’ve got real questions and we want real answers. We want substance. We don’t want just flash. We don’t want reality TV show stuff.’ We, the American public, need to demand more than what I think we’re receiving here lately,” Herbert said.

When asked if he shares Romney’s criticisms of Trump, Gov. Herbert said there’s “room to criticize” him, and there’s also room to criticize GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.

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