Hillary Clinton campaign opens office in Utah; Mayor Biskupski gives endorsement

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SALT LAKE CITY – Hillary Clinton is making a push in the red state of Utah.

Her campaign opened its first office in Salt Lake City Wednesday, and the Democratic front-runner also picked up the endorsement of Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski.

It’s all eyes on March 22nd for Clinton’s campaign staff. Democratic caucuses will take place across the state, and it's an opportunity for the presidential hopeful to pick up crucial votes.

“We have folks coming into our office making phone calls, we have volunteers across the state making sure people know where their caucus location is,” said Rebecca Lipson, State Director of Hillary for Utah.

The Beehive State almost always votes red for the Republican candidate in the general election, but Clinton supporters including, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, says Utah voters could play a big role in this election.

“I find it interesting that the political candidates are not leaving Utah out at all," she said. "The GOP is hosting a debate here. Bernie Sanders is working here and so is Hillary."

Clinton nearly wrapped up the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party on Super Tuesday, a signal to her supporters that perhaps even Utah could give her a second glance.

“This campaign is about breaking down barriers and making sure everyone has the chance to live up to their God-given potential,” Lipson said.

“You gotta get out," Biskupski said. "Go to your caucus meeting. Become a delegate."

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is looking for volunteers. Click here for more information.


  • t

    I rather walk over a bed of hot coal before I would ever campaign for that LIAR who knows she left four men to die why she sat on her butt! Utah please don’t get behind someone like her. She smiles at you while she stabs us all in the back. She did absolutely nothing good as Secretary of State and she does not even care about our country enough to be honest about her total screw ups.

    • I'm not a loser

      Worst News Utah could Ever hear.
      All you Clinton supporters are loses just like her! Idiots, seriously the biggest waste of life as we know it. Go slap yourselves.


    I would vote for a snake before I would vote for Hillary. I have no desire to be a slave of Government.


    Mrs. Bill Clinton has all the charm and warmth of a King Cobra, and has the forked tongue to match.

    • beth

      Well, Hillary Clinton is so far beyond your intelligence and experience that of course you would respond that way.
      Your lack of scope, your myopic view is revealing…besides it takes a liar to see a lier.

  • freewilltwo

    it boils down to who can give away the most free stuff..we have the LDS Church that controls the law makers, and they have taxed the sheep to the point they cant feed their familys so the Bishop gives them an authorization for free food at the Bishops warehouse..then theres Hillary, let all the illegals that want to come here and get on welfare, then theres Bernie..take everything from the wealthy and give to everybody else,

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