Gov. Mitt Romney speaking in Salt Lake City on 2016 presidential race

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SALT LAKE CITY - Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney will be speaking on the state of the 2016 presidential race at the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah Thursday.

Romney will speak at the forum starting at 9:30 a.m. MT at the Libby Gardner Music Hall, and the doors will open at 8:30 a.m. There are 600 available seats that will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Jason Perry, Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics, said the speech is part of a regular series of forums, but Romney reached out to them about the opportunity to appear in this case.

"He thought this was the perfect venue for him to talk, and an audience that he wanted to address particularly," Perry said.

Perry also spoke about Romney's timing, as the appearance comes in the wake of several high-profile exchanges between Romney and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

"If you want to influence that race, this is the time to do it," Perry said.

Some in Utah would like to see Romney announce his intention to enter the race. Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans said he's a fan of Mitt.

"Well, I've been on the record, repeatedly, that I'm a Mitt Romney supporter," he said.

However, Evans declined to speculate Wednesday on the possibility Romney might run, saying: "I say ask him that tomorrow."

It is unclear whether or not Romney will be taking questions during his appearance.

The GOP presidential candidates are scheduled to be in Utah for a debate March 21, a day before Utah's Republican caucuses.

So far, the location for that debate has not been announced.

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    • Albert

      Run for the border like Great Granddaddy did ………. that is why the Romneys HIDE their money offshore ……. ALWAYS bags packed and ready to RUN. Especially if they are called on to SERVE IN UNIFORM.

    • Finny Wiggen

      I am looking forward to Romney’s speech tomorrow. There is a lot of power in well placed words. Well articulated commentary can sway people very quickly to your point of view. More so, than most people realize. If Romney frames his speech effectively, he has a real shot at taking Trump down.

      Romney, as the party’s last nominee, needs to be the one to speak the words, that many need to hear. Indeed, he really is the only one in the position to say words that are tough for many to hear, as the defacto leader of the party… for a few more months.

      The way Romney needs to frame his speech:
      Rubio: Get out of the race.
      Establishment: Get behind Cruz.
      Voters: This man is a failure in business, a failure in life, and he has no real plans for doing anything other than promoting his own ego.

      All of this must be said forcefully, while being careful not to embarrass anyone (except Trump). If he can make the establishment and Rubio look like heroes, while subtly laying the groundwork to help voters understand what an idiot Trump is, Romney does have the ability tomorrow to alter the direction of the race.

      • Stanley Carter

        Ted Cruz is a Latino racist… He will focus on the non-Latino illegal immigrants and let the illegal Latinos stay…
        White people don’t know how racist the Mexican community is… We don’t need to have that kind of racism
        in the White House… Most citizens don’t realize how it will change this country for the worse… Ted Cruz is a bad idea people…

  • Albert

    The Romneys wrap themselves in the American FLAG but NEVER wrap themselves in an American UNIFORM.
    “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”
    (1) Great Grandpa Romney ran to Mexico to dodge American laws
    (2) Grandpa Romney FLIP-FLOPPED back to America when Mexico got dangerous.
    (3) Daddy Romney NEVER SERVED through WWII and Korea.
    (4) MITTENS Romney used “missionary” deferments to DODGE the Viet Nam draft.
    (5) FIVE sons, and NOT ONE ever wore an AMERICAN UNIFORM.
    FIVE GENERATIONS, NINE “males”, and NOT ONE actually LOVED America enough to SERVE this Nation. The only thing “conservative” about the Romney Family is conserving THEIR OWN BEHINDS.
    They hide their money OUTSIDE this country ….so they are always ready for a quick get-away just like Grandpaw did when he ran to Mexico..
    No Romney ever comes back missing a limb, in a box, or with PTSD …….. because no Romney ever SERVES.
    The Romneys LOVE WAR …… because they get RICH off of the suffering of OTHERS.

    • Nick

      Your beloved “Clintons”? You support them instead? Bill Clinton had to get a federal pardon to become President because he ILLEGALLY dodged the draft by going to Canada and was found GUILTY – now his wife is GUILTY of Benghazi events. Yeah, let’s cast stones.

      • Tex

        Apparently some of you don’t understand the reason for the Viet Nam War, I do not blame Romney or anyone that did not served, at least they are not suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. Many of us at that time were too young to understand. The war was a waste of over 54,000 American lives, What a Waste.

    • Jose

      Albert we would look at your tree but it only has one limb. There is 15 males in my blood line and no one served and if you look at hundreds of families same deal. Why is having money offshore Bad. Good enough for Oslama and Biden well hell good enough for me.

  • Red Fotog

    RUN MITT – run away from the election. You are a two-time loser and lost the 2012 election that was yours to win! Try not to be an arrogant jerk this time. Smile and go back to your Left Coast oceanfront house with the car elevator, and leave the politics to winners. Thank you.

  • Tom Hardy

    LOL this just keeps getting better. One racist GOP candidate to be challenged by Romney who believes that ‘people with black skin’ “chose to side with the Devil instead of Jeasus’ in their ‘pre-existence’.
    Oh yes, Romney, come to Trump’s rescue. LMAO

    • Finny Wiggen

      Small point… but LDS members believe that those who sided with the Devil were cast out, and never received bodies… ie, they are not on the Earth with any color of skin.

      But other than your completely misplaced characterization of an entire world religion… oh wait… that was your whole point… then I guess you are full of it on all levels.

  • Duke LaCrosse

    So funny and sad to watch the Rinos desperately try to keep the status quo in place. Mittens is an irrelevant loser who had his chance to save us from 4 years of Obama but was too much of a pansy to fight, but now, now he has found his voice? Go away

  • Michael R (@miconite)

    It is suspicious that after his pathetic failure to save our nation from dangerous radicals Mr. Romney would question the determined courage and integrity of Donald Trump. We would like him to escape his self-defeating insulation to remember the nationalist vision of Joseph Smith. We must save our faith and our constitution from the darkness before it is too late.

    • arealAmerican

      “courage and integrity of Donald Trump” says the poorly educated Trump supporter……

      courage – the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. Trump, afraid of “hard questions from a women moderator” skips Republican debate…..
      Trump lacks the courage and integrity to denouncing support from the KKK and former Grand Wizard David Duke.
      Integrity – adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Trump won liar of the year last year…..integrity is kind of “out the window”

    • Badman50

      I would not be surprised to see some of these RINO republicans to vote democrat if Trump gets the nomination just to try to preserve their positions. Romney and Hatch and may others need to go away. They have done nothing but preserve the status quo they have done enough damage.

  • bill

    Is he making money off the presidential race by doing speeches in closed meetings? He’s lost his chance already when he ran, and lest we forget the 48% and what he thinks of them still.

  • bob

    You going to show us YOUR tax returns, Mitt? You never did before. (But then my memory isn’t properly under control.)

  • bob

    The Establishment that buys elections doesn’t care which party wins as long as THEIR approved candidate wins. They pay off both sides.

    If Trump is nominated the Establishment will bring in Romney to split the vote and make sure that Hillary wins. Count on it.

    Am I the only one who remembers that Mitt Romney has been on both sides of every conceivable issue? He was elected the governor of arguably the most liberal state in the country, for crying out loud. He was pro-abortion, pro-socialism and anti-gun when it was convenient for him.

  • Nick

    Most of you forget that with the voter fraud that “never got investigated” would gave given the victory to Romney in the popular vote. I know that doesn’t mean victory (oddly enough), %but that does indicate that more Americans LIKE Romney than Obama and that number has probably gone up with all the mishaps and lies Obama has registered. In fact, 22% (or somewhere around there) said they would have voted Romney instead of Obama after seeing the results of the past 3 years. #MittAllDay

  • Stanley Carter

    I Hope Mitt doesn’t ruin it for us… Many of you don’t know how bad this country needs Donald Trump…. I have lived in a Mexican immigrant community, and you don’t know how racist they are…
    They have lowered the labor wage in this country and it helps to destroy the middle class and lowers job opportunities for Black Americans…. They will not benefit our country in the long term…It would benefit this country if there were less of them here,,,and thats the truth…

  • Paul Bennett

    Romney, the loser whose gross incompetence gave us four years of Obama, will trash the leading Republican candidate? Romney represents the arrogant despised lobbyists and political establishment class who have destroyed this country by being Democrat lite. Shut up, stay home, and wash out your “magic” underwear Romney!

  • Dennis lemons

    Who cares what this creepy Mormon thinks? A few years ago he loved trump. Mitt Romney is the one who’s phony.

  • Zodi Yabadoo

    You’ve got to be kidding! Romney?
    Nobody wants to hear him try to tear down Trump. Isn’t that against the Mormon belief system? Judge not lest ye be judged and all that?

  • scott

    Mitt Romney has failed us just as the entire GOP establishment has! He couldn’t even win his own home state in 2012! The Utah people need to realize that just because he’s mormon does NOT mean he is separate from the problem in washington d.c. Look at Harry Reid for heavens sake!! It was dirty in 2012 when Harry Reid made the dirty attack against Romney and now Mitt has stooped to that same level and attacked Trump! This is pathetic and Romney should be embarrassed to even be seen let alone speak here in Utah! This is a last ditch effort to try on the part of the disgraceful GOP people! Get out of Utah Romney and stay out! TRUMP or CRUZ 2016!!!!!!

  • Tina D'Andrea

    Mit, did George Bush keep us safe???? They started the whole thing. Trump is right the Bushes are douchebags. Both republicans and democrats are the same, power mongers. Go away Romney the people have spoken. There’s no speech you can give that can change that now. You are a phony a fraud and a looser.
    I love watching the GOP run scared.
    What a bunch of Babies, all of them.
    When the GOP is in power the only people that benefit from years of observation is there own children. The Clintons are the same and Obama became just as bad.

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