EXCLUSIVE: First look at video showing officer-involved shooting in downtown SLC

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SALT LAKE CITY - We are getting the first look at video from the night officers shot a teenager involved in a fight downtown.

The video FOX 13 News received isn't great quality, but it did record during the time the shooting took place and is the only known video the public has seen so far. A security employee said it's not certain, but notes three flashes on the video and thinks it could be gun fire.


The best quality video will likely come from body cameras the two Salt Lake City Police officers were wearing during the time of the shooting, but Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said his office isn't going to release that video until the investigation is complete.

"I think the goal is to provide that information so that people can make their up their own minds," Gill noted. "But we want to do it at the right time."

Gill also acknowledged the Salt Lake City Mayor and Salt Lake Police's call for transparency, but said he's not going to rush to release the video.

​"If you release it without any context, you may end up doing more harm to the integrity of the process," Gill noted.

Officials said 17-year-old Abdullahi Mohamed was holding a broomstick and fightinganother man when police showed up at the Rio Grande Station Saturday night.

Officers told Mohamed to put down the weapon but he didn’t comply and officers shot him several times.

According the Mohamed's family, he spent part of Sunday in a coma before waking up.


  • C

    The city better not settle a lawsuit with tax payer money. I in no way want a penny of my money going to this criminal.


        What other kind of business would your little buddy have been conducting in that area of Salt Lake City? Selling Bibles?


        Let’s cut to the chase Lil. Mohamed is a father who has a baby son. Instead of making trouble downtown he should have been at home taking care of his son. That is what good fathers do. There is more to being a father than getting some female pregnant.

  • joey Malcolm

    What about the “victim” the poor soul that was being assaulted . It’s pretty obvious if you are not homeless and hanging out in this area and are not volunteering or assisting shelter you are probably up to no good . This little thugs Facebook page represents his aspirations to be a hood , his cousin is trying to make him sound like a little saint that was on the right path sorry honey the right path doesn’t cross 200 south 400 west . I am sure the body camera videos will show the officers did the right thing . This is a perfect example of who we should keep out of our country !

    • Lil

      Joey Malcolm. You wasn’t there when shooting take place. I know there is a lot of you guys don’t like black ppl that’s why you put noness comment here


        The real question is why wasn’t this father at home with his son instead of beating up a homeless man in Salt Lake?

      • Lil

        i don’t think he just beat the homelessguy for no reason I know for sure homeless guy do something to him that why he beat him


        The two thugs were beating the homeless man because he owed them money for a pharmaceutical deal he made with them.


    Salt Lake City’s new lesbian liberal mayor and the acting police chief have wept over the harsh treatment the police dealt to this innocent 17-year old child of color. It certainly isn’t the little black boy’s fault that he was forced into a life of crime.


    LIL says “I don’t think he just beat the homelessguy for no reason”.
    Listen honey – I’m sure this thug had a reason. Question is whether his reason was legally justified.
    Intelligent people know you just can’t go around beating people up for no reason or for any reason.

    Please tell us you have your tubes tied Lil.

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