1 man shot in officer-involved shooting in WVC

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- One man was taken to an area hospital after an officer-involved shooting in West Valley City Tuesday night.

FOX News 13 spoke exclusively with the suspect’s family who says they can't believe this happened and identified the man as Ricardo Lopez.

At about 6:30 p.m., dispatch received a report of a man with a gun and shots fired in the area of 3330 West and 4040 South, West Valley  Police Chief Lee W. Russo told reporters on scene.

When police arrived on scene, Russo said, residents directed officers to where an armed man was located.

“Officers moved in that direction to further investigate and actually encountered at the side of the home an armed individual,” Russo said. “At that point, shots were fired; one individual was hit and transported to a local hospital.”

Lopez’s family says he is in critical but stable condition. Now, they’re just hoping for answers.

“I honestly don't know, I don’t know,” said Lopez’s stepdaughter Monika Castro. “I just got a call my step dad got shot and came down here as fast as I could.”

One officer was involved in the shooting and three officers witnessed the incident. Russo said shell casings at the scene confirm witness statements that shots were fired prior to police arriving in the area.

Salt Lake City police is investigating the shooting.


  • Me

    I hope these bad cops tried throwing bean bags at this person or asked him to have a beer with them and chat about his behavior.

    • bob

      Talking to him is racist. They should have checked to see if the person he was shooting at was white, and then shot the white person.

      It’s in the Constitution.

  • freewill

    theres not to much to think about here…i wonder how many holes they put in him?..and the instant they seen the guy did they begin their target practice? lets just hope they lucked out and actually did shoot somebody that needed to be shot


      So you are saying that some poor gunman may have deserved to be shot Freewill? You are starting to sound intelligent. I congratulate you.


      By the way Freewill, based on the fact that the suspect went to the hospital instead of the morgue it would appear that they didn’t put enough holes in him. The police would be better served if equipped with .357 magnum revolvers.

  • liberalssuck

    man I hope that next time they let someone shoot them or stab them with a sharpened broomstick because you know to do anything else would be racist.ANYTHING is racist nowdays.You can’t stop ANY minority from committing ANY crime without it being racist.Thats what they are pushing for.Complete immunity from prosecution.Just the fact that you are born white is racist.So is using the toilet and raking your yard and walking the dog and doing the dishes.Are your clothes white?They are racist.White car?thats racist.White shoes oh darn those are racist too.But certainly not the black panthers that said they would kill white babies”in the womb”.Nothing racist there.They are just confused.Because we all know ONLY caucasians can be racist right.Ask ANY liberal they will tell you,even the white ones that drink deep of the liberal kool aid.

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