How much water should your pet be drinking?

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Kathleen Toth, president of Nuzzles & Co. tells us about how much water your pet should be drinking.

How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink Every Day?

  1. Rule of Thumb: 1 ounce per pound. * So a 60 pound Labrador for example would        drink about ½ gallon a day
  2. Don’t Most Dogs Drink What they Need?
  3. Not always. While some dogs regulate themselves, you should pay attention to make sure your dog is properly hydrated.
  4. Make sure water is clean and changed daily. Don’t let it get stagnate/dirty.
  5. Have more than one dog bowl of water around the house and outside.  Place near the dog’s bed, the door where he/she comes in and absolutely                         always outside.
  6. Don’t forget to have a dog bowl of water in the car if you travel with your dog. There are non-spillable bowls on the market or pack a collapsible bowl and     carry fresh water.  Don’t ever leave your dog in the car without access to fresh, clean water.

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