Hundreds gather to march in SLC rally against police brutality

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A rally against police brutality in downtown Salt Lake closed several roads after spilling into the street, Monday evening.

The event was loosely organized on Facebook by a group called Utah Against Police Brutality.

"There's something systemic and wrong with how Salt Lake City and Utah do policing," said Gregory Lucero, one of the founders of the group.

Lucero was one of several speakers calling for a stronger citizen review of police. He and others at the rally, feel the current review board is filled with insiders who are often closely tied to police.

Not everyone at the rally is calling for change. Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, was there simply to observe and listen to concerns. He asked for people to be patient.

"Give the officers time. When two officers that fire that tells you something was happening.  It wasn't just one officer that made a judgement call," Ray said.

After the primary rally ended, much of the group marched to the Public Safety building. The rally continued back to where it started, spilling into the street at the intersection of 100 South and State Street.

Police blocked the roads in all four directions about a block back from the crowd. The area was closed to traffic for about an hour before the crowd dispersed on its own.


  • Me

    Why would these people not rally for the guy that was beat with a metal object? Does his welfare not concern them? Only the thug with the long violent record matter? What in the hell is wrong with these people? They will support a wanna be who is caught beating a person but have no concern for the “old man”. This is why they get no respect and this is why no one takes them serious. They should go join the racist group BLDM.

    • No need.

      You have a mouth and the internet why have you not done anything. Its not about those right now. Right now it’s about gun happy officers killing more then just a black kid but several people. We as people are worried they are getting away with it. We want a civilian review board that should look over ever case. They should then send it to court to be trailed and sentences.

      • bob

        They shot a meth dealer who was beating a man to death for non-payment. But go ahead and weep hot little tears for the worthless maggot.

        Haven’t you asked yourself why two 17 year olds were beating up a homeless guy at the shelter? Aren’t you the least bit curious?

        One more blow from that weapon could have been fatal to the man. The police had to stop the criminal IMMEDIATELY. They did not have the luxury of time.

        They are heroes.

      • John Books

        You want a civilian review board? They are already do that. Then you want them tried and sentenced? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Even if they were following the law you want them convicted of what? There is no law and no justice in that. And yes police using force is legal. You don’t believe me go read Supreme Court law that set the standards for police action

      • Ron

        Well there it is the stupidest thing I’ve read all day today. Pal FYI they already have a citizens review board!!!! what you want is a public lynching and that will not happen. You also can’t have some ignorant moron on these boards, that why they haven’t picked you to be on one. Reason being is, would you want a steel worker to have input on how your open heart surgery should go?? NO! thats the same reason they don’t want random people deciding police matters, simple because they don’t understand how things are done.

      • George

        Ignorance abounds. this news story almost made me throw up in my mouth. Is it any wonder they can’t find enough qualified police applicants willing to put up with this rubbish. these people are the loud whiney few throwing tantrums in the street because a fellow thug was policed properly. I’ve grown used to the lies from media. I am wholly discussed by the politicians like Chief mike Brown and mayor Disgustme at throwing the few people in our society willing to sacrifice themselves everyday under the bus, our police! Brown, you are unfit to lead these folks. I challenge you to go walk a few beats downtown and see what these guys actually deal with on the street. Screw your politicking!


        Actually it is about the guy these two pukes were beating with a metal rod. And yes No Need, it had to do with illegal drugs.

      • JerryGarcia

        No Need
        This is about a Thug who has a child at home who he is not taking care of. Why? Because he is out slinging dope, and co0mmiting Violent crimes. This man has a LONG history of FELONY violent offenses and other charges. and he was on parole while he commits these acts. I hope when he recovers ICE is there to deport his scum butt back to Kenya which they should have done after his first offense. FYI if you do not want police to do what is necessary to protect the public obey the law. Real Simple

  • Tessie

    Good start tonight. I think the group made it clear that we are sick of police brutality in our community and will not stand for it any more. We’re taking back our streets.

    • Soyeah

      Lmao tessie your comment about your taking your streets back. I pictured hookers standing on 1700 s state street jumping for joy. Good one girl!


      Your right Tessie, lets give the streets back to the drugs pushes and protitutes. Why don’t you lead the way honey.

    • Hondo

      Tess just so you know its MY community also and I support the police. Please Tess speak in the “I” and do not loop people in with your poor judgments. This punk should be home with his GF and their baby not out selling drugs and committing MORE felony’s.

  • west Martin

    The matter in case of life and death is being judge wrong on what you did to put you in such a situation and I know we make mistake but let not be judge wrong in any matter of life and death.

  • bob

    We do not pay the police to have a polite conversation with a violent criminal as he’s beating someone to death. We pay them to STOP THE MURDER from happening. Immediately. With no negotiation or discussion.

  • George Washington

    I am so sick about hearing “Black Lives Matter.”
    What about homeless lives?
    What about Police lives?
    Why is it so hard for us as a nation to realize the hurt that we are causing ourselves. We as a human race matter. Every life matters. The more and more we promote any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, occupation, etc. to be of lesser or greater importance than another, the more and more we will witness the downfall of of our country.
    I love this country, USA is the greatest country on the face of this earth, but right now, as a people, we all suck. SHAPE UP AND MAKE THIS COUNTRY WHAT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS PLANNED IT TO BE.

  • Bob Squared

    This is what happens when we fail to educate children. They grow up to be big children incapable of making informed decisions and siding with dead people with authority issues who apparently cant follow basic “put down the weapon” instructions. Naive ignorant fools the lot of them. Knee jerk reactionists who can’t think beyond their own maligned view of the world to consider just how unsafe our city could be without police doing their duty. Why the hell would anyone support the loser that won’t follow police instruction? There are way too many people with authority problems. Better be damn certain if someone with a drawn weapon is telling me to do something….I wouldnt hesitate to comply. This dead loser perp would still be alive today if he’d complied with officer instructions.

  • John Books

    Funny every says that the cops pick on the homeless but when they do their part and protect them from thugs and prove they don’t pick on the homeless but the predators who prey on them you get a few idiots who protest he police

  • George

    Hey Mayor Jackle! It’s NOT the 27 million dollars!!! Throwing money at these people is EXACTLY why we have this problem. When will the people of this state recognize that the only thing a politician does it make things worse while stuffing their own pockets. There was a writer a ways back who said politicians are like soup: the scum rises to the top. Sad to say things will certainly get worse in Utah for some time to come. T

  • FinnyWiggen

    Yes, let’s all rally behind a thug, who beats people with metal objects, and against the police who protect the public against these violent individuals… Because that is a logical position to take…

  • mr. ed

    I say take down the names of all the protesters and place them in a room with two thugs welding metal weapons. Then of course we don’t want the police to use force to stop the thugs beating them to death that would just be wrong. These protesters need to get a life get a job and get into the real world and see what’s really going on. The police saved a man’s life simply put and deserve our respect and praise for having to do what they do everyday.

  • cyberzurfer

    ‘Pathological Policing’ is a serious concern to us all, it represents an extreme breech of the public’s trust. Indeed, institutionalized abuse of the rights of the people is not a new thing, either. There has never been a period in recorded history where authority did not abuse its power – and now this same vicious cycle has gone beyond the point of being a social disease, to a world where it is now the norm.

    • Kelly DeLeeuw

      How about the‘Pathological Criminals’ that always seem to be present at these events. Criminals don’t deserve to take over the situation. Some liberals would sure like them to however.

  • Richard Gozinia

    Only liberals and anarchists would rally to the side of a drug dealing, homeless abuser, who is shot while in the commission of a felony, after multiple felony arrests. If only we could carpet bomb the protest and get rid of these anarchists once and for all. The world would be much better off in the long run. We all know it. While we are at it. Let’s start shaming and calling out the serial Police abusers who think it’s cool to rally their “friends” to their cause of hating on the Police. It’s shameful. There is a 1000% increase in Police deaths this year in the United States. Police forces are having trouble finding people that are willing to put up with this anti cop sentiment. Coincidence? I think not. If the perp was white this wouldn’t even be news. Biskupski should be ashamed already.

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